Is the App’ Worth the Expense?

Hi there, I’m one of those old dogs learning new tricks and I have a question for those of you who’ve paid for Justin’s app’: is it worth the money?

Reason for asking is that I’ve got the book with CDs and just finished Stage 1 so I’m approaching the paywall, if you see what I mean. I COULD persevere with the books, CDs and website but 80 GBP p.a. is alot of money for me at the moment and I’d really appreciate feedback as to whether you found it a worthwhile investment.

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Hi @JeremyAbel
Welcome to the community.
A couple if things to note.
There was a beginner course - still available and called 'classic" on the old site the book with CDs you mention is allied with that.
Hundreds of thousands learned to play using it - it is all good

Justin rewrote and revamped the beginner course for this new site. It is great and has better overall structure plus many extra components.

The app allies with it through grades 1 and 2.

I am unsure what you mean when you write you are about to hit paywall. There is no paywall. The beginner course is all free.

In terms of the app it is a cost decision for some. If money is a factor you need to find other ways (and there are many) to learn songs, learn songs, learn songs. :slight_smile:

Others will chime in with app advice I am sure.

Welcome to the community @JeremyAbel

The app has some great features, but isn’t absolute necessary. The courses are available free on line. What you would miss without the app is the songs part. It is a great feature to be able to play along and does help a lot with cords, changes and timing. It isn’t necessary, though a fun way to learn. If the money is a struggle, I wouldn’t stress too much. A course like the music theory might be a better spend in the long run.

I don’t know if any “paywall” for Justin’s courses. Only the very advanced course and some of the side courses (like the strumming course, theory course and so on) have direct costs.

I have worked into grade 4 (although I am really a grade 3 player at best) without any requests for money. I donate because I have the means and see the value, but Justin, I am sure, would be happy to have you learn guitar. You can always return the favor when you make it big as a rock star :wink:

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For me, the website is far better than the app for lessons. Easier to navigate, better organized, and user friendly. However, the app does provide the play along section with over 1000 songs. Personally, it is very relaxing to throw on a few songs and play along with them after a long day. This also has greatly improved my chord changes, tempo, and strumming capabilities.


I use the website for the lessons since i like the larger screen. I use the app to play along with the songs. The app is a big help for me since it allows me to work on my timming by playing along with the songs. I still struggle a bit with using a metronome. For me I think the app is worth it. Plus the app is more portable than a PC if you want to take you lessons with you or move around the house. Not sure if there is a free trial or a monthly subscription. If there is i would say try it. If you decide to try it out use the speaker on your device or plug your device into an amp aux jack. I had some latency issue using bluetooth to play along with the audio.

I would recomend the app.

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I don’t know if you ever got the app Jeremy, but I just did a week ago and I’m really liking it. (Even with all the complaints about songs that are no longer in it because of licensing). I’m finding it’s helping me make chord changes faster and more cleanly than just practicing OMC in the website lessons. It’s forcing me to be better!

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I think it just depends on the individual. I prefer a website to apps, so for me the app isn’t a good value proposition. But that’s just me, and I tend to practice right by my desk and desktop computer (either standing or sitting on a stool). And if I want to play along with something I usually pull up a backing track or drumbeat at the appropriate tempo on youtube. Other people really like the app format and it works well for them.

I really enjoyed the app for Grade 1. Now that I’m in Grade 2, and Justin is recommending that we start personalizing our practice sessions a bit more, I think I may start using the web-site more. (I have been keeping my web-based account up-to-date with which lessons I’ve completed in the app, so it will be easy to jump in.)

One of my favorite aspects of the app is the guitar-aoke. It’s a nice way to learn a new song/progression and to just practice changes. So, I may keep the app just for that.

Also, the app does get updates, so, there may be more useful tools in the future. For example, I didn’t see this when I first started doing “perfect changes,” but now it has a feature where it listens to you play each string of the chord in order, and confirms it’s right. (My phone’s mic is too weak, or maybe my space has too much ambient noise, because it’s tough getting it to pick up what I’m playing. Still, I like the idea.)

So, I would say, yes, it’s worth it, especially for Grade 1. It’s fine for Grade 2, but not as flexible as the website, as far as creating your personalized routine.

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Oh, I am going to look for that!

@J.W.C I actually still use the website because I like the practice assistant, it’ good to see how much I’ve played each week and how many more or less OMC I am doing. I’m mainly using the App for the songs. Not all have band backing tracks but a lot of them do, and it’s easy for me to slow it down if I need to as I still have’t been able to really go faster than about bpm. I WILL get there, I have to! :no_mouth:

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I’m 6 months into learning and I use the app every day. Primarily I use it to learn songs. Once I’ve figured out a song I do look to transition to playing with the original recording instead, but as a beginner I need the helping hand the app offers while I learn a new song.

My practice routine is mostly learning songs. I practice the transitions I need to play a given song but I mostly don’t follow a routine.

In my opinion the main missing feature as a tool for beginners is the ability to loop sections that you’re struggling with. I’ve cast my vote on the upvoty website but this doesn’t look to be under consideration sadly


I guess it is the app that goes with the mobile phone!? Hope I am correct here. :blush:
Can’t answer if it is worth the money.
As I don’t use mobile phone, I went for the song book on the website. I also prefer to look at a large screen. The song book available via the website is also paid for, but IMHO is more than well worth the money. It is so well done and provide me with all I could possibly ask for, in order to learn songs.
As I understand, there are certain features that can be a great help and propel you faster in regard of learning. However, those things can be achieved without the mobile app. At least, that is my thinking without knowing the mobile app at all.

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It’s definitely the mobile app that I’m talking about and I think everyone else is too. That said I generally run it on a 12.9 inch iPad so it’s not like squinting at a phone and sometimes I even mirror my iPad onto my TV.

I need to explore the other options to see if they would be useful to me but the ability to play along kinda guitar-karaoke style is working well for me right now


The app is brilliant for grade 1 and early grade 2, I used it every day then and it helped my progress and stickability immensely. Later stages you eventually do better away from the app.


Hi Jeremy,
I’m an absolute beginner, and started on the website course, playing songs with the app .
I have some financial struggles for the moment , and gave myself the choice of 1 payed course this year.
I chose the app, because for an absolute beginner it gives you the chance to play along with the songs, without to worry about reading tabs.
It also gives you strumming practice.
I use the practice on the app, but also note on the web, and have some additional practice routines on the web, so I use both.
I’m using the app for a week now, and I think it’s absolutely worth the money.
I didn’t pay the annual subscription , but chose for the monthly subscription, so if financially it’s not possible, I can stop it.

Grtz igor

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