Is there a PMT Live Class on Tues June 4?

My calendar shows there’s a PMT Live Class #7 on Tues June 4, is this correct?

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Next PMT Live is this one


Alfio, it appears that a blues lesson has taken the place of the theory. Partly because of the Blues Immersion course it seems.

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Thanks guys for the heads-up.

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The release of Blues Immersion has bumped the date of the next live theory class.

I am hosting and would really appreciate having a huge amount of questions and comments in advance to help me prepare and shape the session.

Please - everybody - register and complete the questionnaire that follows. This is a direct link to it. Music Theory Live Class #7 | Open Q&A with Richard Coles

I look forward to see you there.


Richard @Richard_close2u
Well you asked.
When you look up a bpm for a song on a well known site you see this

The question how does playing a song on a guitar at double time or half time affect the strumming pattern, time signature and anything else.

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Thanks @MAT1953 have you put that through the online questionnaire too?

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