Is there a quick way to get to this community page? How do I use the practice log? How do I eliminate squeak when using anchor finger?

Ok so it’s my 4th night, just done the strumming on 1 with changes from A to D, loved it. Felt real progress from even 24 hours ago.
1st question is there a quicker way to get to this community page? I’m going right down to the small print at the bottom of the page and finding community then it’s tricky to get back to the lesson page. Maybe it’s my phone?

Question 2 I’m struggling to use the practice log, I’ve added an event and duration title but can’t seem to log anything. I’m keeping a journal with a pen and paper ( remember those?) so I’ll still be able to look back in a couple of weeks and smile at my trapping the bottom e string with my fat fingers etc

Question 3 when changing chords as shown in the video using an anchor finger (A to D) itv squeeks quite loudly when sliding back and forth, how do I eliminate this?

Thanks in advance

Hi Dean,

Sounds like your having fun learning.

When using the phone I have one browser window with the main website and another with the community website which makes it easy to switch between the two.

For the practice assistant at the end of each module there is an option to add routine to practice assistant. If you use that then all you need to do is go to your dashboard and start practice. Below each practice item is an option to add notes as you practice. On the practice assistant there is a tab with an i for information which gives instructions for using the assistant as well as a video.

For the squeeking when changing chords that will improve as you develop. It is likely down to you still applying some pressure to the string while adjusting your fingering. I wouldn’t fret about that at the early stages and focus on getting your fingers moving to form the chord shapes and applying as little pressure needed for the notes to ring out crisp and clean.


You can create a “pseudo-app” by pulling down your menu (the three little dots in the upper right on an android browser) and selecting “add to home screen.” It will then show up like an app you can click on to come directly to the community.

I don’t know if it’s the same on an iPhone.

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On the iPhone, just save the open window to the Home Screen by tapping the small box with the arrow pointing up and find the “add to Home Screen” button. Do it after you log in and it keeps you logged in when you open the bookmark.


The fact that you’re bothered with this squeaking is a good thing.
It will improve with time. There are things to do, but I would postpone it for a few months.


Thanks for your help, I think I understand the practice log now, so I start timer before practice and it will log it for me with my notes and comments. I might stick with my journal though. I’m quite enjoying keeping notes.

This is a good point, maybe it is far too early to worry about the little imperfections when the real issue should be finger placement and strumming. Thank you

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I am not sure you can completely eliminate squeak if you change cords and retain contact with the strings.

The “anchor finger” is a tool to keep you in place learning these first cords that share a string. Eventually, you may slide that finger less. Lighter , or not at all, perhaps, but there is frequently some sliding over the strings, for efficiency or effect.

Over time you will learn to minimize it by limiting sliding when you can, or using a much lighter touch.

It can also be somewhat dependent on the type of string you use and even your skin (you can be a more “squeaky” person).

I believe that different string material, coatings and winding can affect squeak. I read that “flat” wound strings are specifically made for lower squeak and a quicker feel. Popular in jazz, maybe. They are pretty expensive and the tone alters too.

For classical strings, polished squeak less than rectified. My current classical strings Aquila Sugar (environmentally sound!) are notorious for squeak and we have a thread hundreds of posts long on the DelCamp forum about them. They don’t squeak for me, though and they are amazing!

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