Is there a Strumming SOS practice routine?

is there a set practice that Justin set up for strumming sos I don’t see where I can hit a button to move to practice like on all the other grade practice sessions. If not it would be nice if there was as a lot of us have strumming and timing problems when starting out. I am going to get the second module next this is great lessons.

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Jeff, I will share your query with the JG Team. The Strumming SoS is one of the premium (for lack of a better word) courses that require purchase. This may be why the interface with the Practice Assistant is different.

Hi David yea thanks I take what the lesson says and pull my own but maybe even tips from Justin of what he would study . So far anything he suggests to study I succeed in my guitar playing.

I guess depends where you are through Grade 1, I like to think I am very near the end. What I have started to do with the strumming patterns I have, more than five. Is to play one for about one minute then few seconds rest and move onto the next etc. What I am trying to get ingrained is that the strumming pattern is automatic and not influenced by the last one. Started with just playing one chord but starting to change chords part of the way through a minute.

Sort of preparation for Grade 2 where Justin talks about changing patterns within a song. Have had a go at this but not with any great success yet, too much going on with singing and tapping foot.

Just a suggestion for a practice.



Jeff, it has been confirmed that implementing practice routines on that course is feasible. Work is underway to implement that. It is getting attention but I can’t give you a promised date, hopefully it will not take too long.


Thanks that will be great

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