Is there a time line for linking the App with the web site?

I am a brand new mature age learner who stumbled across the JustinGuitar website, I would like to use the app but find the small screen not as user friendly as the website. Is there a forecasted time for the linking of the two?

Hi @Allfingers and welcome to the community.

Other than being able to tell you it is on the wish list that Justin has for the app developers, I don’t know if there is a timeline.

Thanks Richard

@Allfingers link you phone to your smart tv or computer.

Currently, the app does not let you stream to a TV… though several have requested that feature…Including me.

Thanks folks linked my phone to the laptop but alas the image only appears the same size as on the phone, does anyone know if the ap work on a tablet?

I have it working under bluestacks

BTW app development is HARD, esp with limited funds and people. Its a mission.

Thanks for the feedback. Just clarifying my last question, does the app display full window size on a tablet?

It does on my Samsung (Android) tablet. That’s what I’m using right now.

Thanks Mark, that’s just what I was hoping.