Is there a tutorial to this site

Without a tutorial to this site I can’t navigate it with any ease at all. Is there really nothing to read? I can’t even find a category called How To Use This or some such. I literally can’t figure out how to clear (delete) individual message notifications or badge achievements so there aren’t a bunch of old messages confusing me. I don’t know when I’m replying privately or to a thread. I’m lost.

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Pat type @discobot display help
A annoying robot will send you a message and help you navigate the forum. Some of the help is confusing so feel free to reach out and one of us will help you through the weeds.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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There the annoying bot
@DavidP how do you start the tutorial?

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Haha, I can’t believe you summoned back the Demon, Rick :rofl:
I had forgotten completely about that!

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A quick (hopefully) overview.

Under the big banner you have four options to view the community.

Categories shows each and every section. (more below)
Latest is the most recent posts first.
Top shows the most active recent posts.
Unread shows posts that you are following but have not read since new posts were made.

There are two ways to reply in an existing topic.
To the topic in general - the big orange reply button.
To a specific post - the smaller grey button just under each post.

THe categories list is large though most is lesson specific, and they link directly from the main website too.

The first rows are for general guitar / introductory / community discussion in various sections.

Next to Social is the first of the lesson specific sections which then continue all the way down to the bottom, including theory, scales modules etc.

In your notifications (which show against your avatar) may be likes, replies, tagged mentions or direct messages.

image shows a direct message

image shows someone liked a post you wrote.

image shows someone replied to you.

image shows someone tagged you in their post.

If you type the @ symbol and without leaving a space write someone’s user name they will be tagged and receive a notification. It is a good way to alert people that you have mentioned or contacted them or replied to them specifically.
@Patthebunny for example

If you want to quote someone, use your cursor to select the part of the reply you want to quote and click the grey quote option. It automatically opens up a reply pane to start typing in.

I hope that helps.


Richard, wow, what a fantastic overview! :smiley:

@Patthebunny hopefully this is not information-overload at this point, but there are some settings I recently discovered that helped me a lot. Before finding them, I was confused about how many of the blue circle notification/‘indicators’ on the posts worked.

To get there you can either enter this url by copying it and substituting yours in place of ‘username’:

or you can click on your small avatar icon in the upper right corner of the page->‘preferences’ (head and shoulder icon)->Preferences->Notifications (along the left side)

Hope that helps, and please don’t hesitate to reach out for additional help!

This is a cross post because I’m totally wrecked for time and want to make sure everyone gets this. Thank you all for your help!c

I’m bowing out.

All my messages went to archive where I cannot figure out how to recover them, and I am already frustrated with this site, and that I don’t think using Zoom as is will work for me and etc etc. I went to preferences and thought if I hit the archive button it would take me to a page where I could choose from a menu which messages to get rid of. But no, it just dumped everything in the archive. I would normally cross post this message to the other topic but since I don’t know how… Also, I can’t check the icon drop down to see if I can find some history somehow, or use any other method of referring to other posts while writing this one.

I’m afraid to hit the back button in case it deletes this message so I’m sending it. If there weren’t somewhat of a time limit to this and that I can’t get my setup done without learning how to use this site it would be one thing. But it turns out it’s multiple issues to solve in the minimal time I can work on it. That’s virtual life for you. Now I’m off to take care of my real life, relatively speaking. When I have a break I’ll try to get this straightened out.

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A single issue that maybe there is a single direct answer to:

Now that my messages have magically reappeared under my icon (is there a name for this button?) the next thing I’d like to know is how to delete things like badge notifications and individual messages. I’d settle for archiving if I can do them one at a time. But if this thing you call a — what do you call it? — will keep everything under the icon forever and maybe also in an archive, how do I not want to murder it?

Btw I’m not really enraged. But I am capable of murder.:hocho::dagger::hammer_and_wrench::skull_and_crossbones::skull::grin:


Ooh, lookit. I earned my first emoji badge! Kill me now. Or is there a badge for that?

Hi Pat,

What I discovered was if your writing a response and you want to have a look in the forum for another topic to cross reference you can navigate away from the post your writing on. Your message will still stay open. When you find the post and particular comment that you want to cross reference you can click the chain symbol for that comment (or if using web browser copy the webpage address to refer to the entire post). Then if you click on the orange title on your comment window it takes you back to the post you were commenting on to then paste the link to the cross reference post and continue your response.


Hi Pat,

If you click on your icon symbol at the top right it will give you 4 options. The one with the bell is notification relating to posts. If you then click on the down symbol it will take you to a page showing all notifications. If you click filter it will give you option to view only ones that you have not read. Similarly, if you click on the envelope symbol it will show you list of recent Direct Messages. If you then click on the down symbol it will take you to the message page where you can then filter to unread.

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To minimise Notification after months of trial and error I found this to be the best setting but I still get the stupid badges (I just ignore them).

I then change the default landing page to Latest, so I see what has been posted since I last visited

What the platform sadly lacks is the ability to mark everything read, so you can clear the slate every now again. I am someone who likes things to be tidy and dropping into a Category and seeing bold unread post from months back is really irritating. The ability to set those to read would be an vast improvement but I do not think Discourse supports such an option, if I recall what was said in Beta testing.

No easy option to mark things as read bar opening the post, which I’ll do now and then on my mobile as its quicker than via a PC browser window but its still a Pita.

Hope the above settings make things a little clearer.




Hi Pat. I didn’t use the old forum so I can’t say this is equivalent to that, but there may be a lot more ongoing threads and more users around. From the comments I have read of members of the old forum at the time of the transition, this community site has a lot more functionality that come at a price of steeper learning curve to navigate it. Just be patient and you’ll find your way. I did find the bot useful for learning to use the site but you need a quiet time to play with this automated tutorial. At this moment just ask specific questions and members of the community can help you.

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Been asking for this from pretty much day 1. There must be a way to do this.

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How about this? if you go to the unread button at the top of your list and hit dismiss which is at the top right. That seems to clear all the blue numbers, and if you you didn’t check the message, I think it should still care about what categories you like. @TheMadman_tobyjenner



All that does is clear the notifications. The post remain bold ie unread.


Not sure what this means ?

Thanks for that, Toby! I had been looking for a way to set the default home page, and although that option is not as customisable as I’d like (I’d like to be able to set it to a URL for a specific category on the site), at least those few options are an improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

@Patthebunny I understand and empathise with your frustration for this site. I agree that it does have a fairly steep learning curve to master all the functionality.

To try to respond to some of your issues one at a time:

I’m not sure what the ‘official’ name for that button is, but for sake of clarity here, I’m going to refer to it as the ‘profile button’.

re: deleting messages: Assuming by ‘messages’ you mean private messages from other users (is that what you mean?), I don’t see any way to delete those. As you indicated, you can individually archive them though. When I do that, those individually-archived messages no longer show up under my profile button.

re: deleting badge (or other) notifications under your profile button: I unfortunately don’t know of any way to delete or archive those. The only thing I know is that once I click on each one and ‘read’ it, the blue highlight on it goes away, so at least I know which ones I’ve handled.

As @Socio indicated, you can safely navigate away from your response to a post or message, and the system will keep it in draft form for when you navigate back to that post or message.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions, either here or privately.

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Sorry, This was the message I was referring to, but it disappeared.

But as you point out it only deletes the count.