Is there a way to slow down more than 50%?

I’m a subscriber to the Justin Guitar Lessons and Songs on iOS. For many songs I find it great but I have found that for many songs, even at 50%, I’m just not fast enough yet to play them. Is there some way to get the app go lower than that?

I’m on Grade 1 Lesson 6 and would like to use “This Year’s Love” to practice 6:8 strumming but find that even at 50% it’s just too fast. I also have Guitar Pro which allows me to go down to 25% but have not been able to find the GP tabs for that one.

So anyway is there a feature that allows the iOS app to go down lower than 50% for slow beginners like me?


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No, 50% is as slow as you can go in Justin’s app.

This free version of this app will go to 40%, and also show the chords. Maybe paid version will go even slower?

YouTube app will go down to 25%…which is very slow, and somewhat distorted.