Is there someone else - The weeknd cover (ft new guitar)

I upgraded my beginner’s guitar after like two years and I’m really happy with this one.
So I decided to share this short cover with y’all. Hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Hi Brent,
I have no idea if you’re waiting for feedback,… but if you like that it’s a good idea to do something about your track record … because I see that you have 3 topics created in Record yourself and created 0 posts,…then the reactions to someone dry up quickly…getting to know someone a bit other than just a short music video… as suggested to you before… is a good start for some interaction.
I hope I help you with this, and have a nice weekend.

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Hi brent, took me a while to ‘tune’ my ears to hear your guitar part: it’d be nice if you could bring it up in the mix to make it stand out a little more. However, having got my ears attuned I did like what you did a lot. You did a great job!

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