Is this acoustic guitar neck healthy?

New to Accustic guitar and I always wondered how to know if a guitar neck is healthy.
People hold a guitar and look through it but I have no idea.

Can you kindly have a look to see if this guitar has a healthy neck?

You can zoom by clicking ?

Hi there,

It looks just fine on the pictures. You may want to check out this module over on the website. Although it uses an electric guitar as an example, a lot of things are applicable to acoustic instruments as well.


I’m seeing a lot of relief (concave bending) in the first picture. Not necessarily “unhealthy”…can be changed by tightening the truss rod.

Is the guitar playing well? Are you able to fret chords without having to press hard to get all the strings to ring? If so, it’s fine.

But if not, tightening the truss rod could make it play much better. I find that even very minor truss rod tweaks - 1/8 - 1/4 of a turn - can make major differences in playability.

Thanks , I do not have any special problem playing the guitar , When I purchased the guitar It seemed to me that the neck looked strange but the store fixed that for me and the action. It is OK but I hear very very little buzz when I play very strong in one or another string but I suppose because I am coming from classical guitar background I tend to hit the strings some times hard :slight_smile:
The action of the guitar is this