Is this all stop muting

I have been listening to the original version of a song where the is a stop after playing a chord(s) virtually all the way through, it is also a country song. Christmas in blue chair bay by Kenny Chesney, Kenny Chesney - Christmas in Blue Chair Bay - YouTube

I have just started Grade 2 so looked ahead in Justin’s lessons and come across two possible explanations, either a palm mute, module 8 Or percussive strum in module 14.

I have found a Tab, see below, and it shows a column of x’s after two chords, and the legend says mute strings. So I am thinking you play the two chords then palm mute, which gives you the stop, am I along the fight lines.
Michael :question:

Michael I am not familiar with the song but I would read that as percussive strikes. Hope that helps.



Thanks for the clarification Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner
I appreciate that you are not familiar with the song but it has.a very catchy intro riff and the melody follows through the rest of the song. I am going to give it a go it doesn’t look more complicated than Justin’s riffs in Grade 1, although I think the timing is going to be the difficult bit.

Learn it reeeeaaaal slooooooooooooooooooow.
Get it under your fingers, then gradually bring to the boil.


Hi @MAT1953, I had a quick listen and I’m definitely hearing a percussive hit, not just a stop. So, a strum pattern something like

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
D U X   D U X  

where the “X” is a percussive hit on the strings.

John @jjw1
Thanks for spending time to listen to the track and the strumming pattern, I am still working on 4D, so a bit of work still to do.
It is catchy riff isn’t it.
Michael :grinning::+1: