Issue Using the App via Windows Phone Link - Playing Songs


I enjoy using your the JustinGuitar app on my PC running Windows 11 via Microsoft Phone Link. The app works well except the play button for songs does not function. All other buttons on the related window work. I can get a song to play once by moving the song playback position cursor by clicking on the timeline but once it completes one play even this not longer works.

I would appreciate it of this could be fixed as it is convenient for some users to run this app on their PC.


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Welcome to the Community, Andy.

I suggest you also post the bug in the relevant section.

CC @MusopiaApps

Hi @Andy_S

Thanks for getting in touch! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the app is not optimised to run via the method that you are currently using and therefore you may encounter bugs like this.

Does the app function as expected when not connecting via Microsoft Phone Link?

Yes, everything works fine when I am not using Windows Phone Link.

It seems odd that the function I identified is the only issue with Phone Link as the other semi-transparent controls on that page work. Having it fully functional via Phone Link would be great as I could then control the android app using my Windows computer in my home studio as I do with other apps.