Issues with forum site

Hi everyone.
I still got some issues with this site on my iphone. I have trouble to reply on post, answer mails etc. scrolling in a message is an issue, and i cannot write as much as i want in a post either…
Anyone have any idea why this happens? Think it started after some upgrade on the website.

No problem on my iPhone 12, latest OS and in the US

Hmmm. Everytime i reply someone the whole window scales up by default. So i have to downsize it again before typing. And when i want press reply. I have to tip my phone over, minimize the message and then open it. Only then can i access the reply button. It is also limited how much i can write in a message, cause i can not scroll down and continue typing…

Are you in “Mobile View” mode?

What is that? :see_no_evil:
I have the window open continously on my iphone.
When i close it down from time to time i open it through the link on justinguitar on the website…

Also make sure your font isn’t too big, like some of us older folks prefer…

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I am getting old Joshua :rofl: but i dont have to blow up text on my phone just yet :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But. Mobile wiew fixed all my problems, it was that easy :see_no_evil:


I think I’ve got that problem on my iPhone, though it works fine on my iPad in Desktop Mode.

Tried changing font size with the font size widget in Control Center, which did nothing.

This reminded me why I absolutely hate trying to do anything remotely text based on my phone, and that I should be practicing my guitar! :wink::wink::wink:

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There was a period a few weeks back when the software seemed to be randomly switching between Mobile and Desktop modes, which caused all kinds of chaos.

But it’s been working fine since then…at least for me.