Issues with Zoom during live JustinGuitar Clubs

Great lesson again, yesterday!
Unfortunately I had problems to get video (again) and I wasn’t able to see Richard after maybe 20 minutes. I don’t know, what’s going wrong, as this happens in every session again. Every time I join the session, audio and video work well, I can see the other participants and Richard’s screen, then, after some time, all images of other participants disappear and shortly after I can’t see Richards video either. I can see when he switches to his charts, but when he switches back to his video, I get a black screen. Whenever the switching begins, I lose his video display. Anyone else having this issues? We have two different WIFI connections, last time I used the one in our office (my husband runs sessions over several ours there without problems on Teams) and had the same issues.
I saw someone in the chat writing about the same issue, but couldn’t follow. I can’t say if it’s on my side? I adress this to Fanny @FannyJustinGuitar too, just in case that others have the same problems.

What device and operating system are you using? Maybe there’s something in common with everyone having issues.

I’ve attended a number of these events recently with no issues. I use an iPad with the latest OS

Andrea @Helen0609
I have a similar issue but not the same in that when Richard shared a screen and then talked about how to strum I didn’t see him and that was the bit I was very interested in. I think you can show the share and the speaker but couldn’t find how to do it. Zoom and its controls are new to me as I only used Teams at work. I am trying to do this on an iPad with the latest OS, think I might try it on my pc next time, however any advice would be appreciated.
CC Mathew @mattswain

I’m the same and audio remains ok. I use an iPad with the latest OS. Then for the final 15 minutes last night everything worked perfectly.

Hi Matthew,
I’m using my notebook, so I’m on Microsoft incl. latest updates. Using the Zoom link via Browser (Chrome or Firefox). I didn’t try on IPad or my other tablet yet. But I wonder why it always follows the same process. First, other users disappear, then Richard disappears, but I can hear everything perfectly.

Hi Michael, the last time I thought, I maybe accidently unabled something, but this time, I didn’t touch the notebook at all as it occured as I was strumming and it was exactly the same for the third or fourth time in a row now. I don’t know, if it has something to do with the splitted screen, but would be interesting to know :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I missed this club, forgot it was Monday, blast! But I had a horrible time with the video in Vintage Club #4. Black screen, of frozen video and most of the time the video when it was running, was blurry. And though I watched episodes 1-3 just fine on either my phone or laptop, it was mentioned that something different was being used, I don’t know if that was causing my troubles or not. My phone couldn’t get it to go at all.

eta: My phone is an Android, one of the cheaper ones, not a Galaxy, and my laptop is an Acer running Windows 11.

Same for me, Rebecca, thought it maybe was at my end back then…but interesting to read that others had the same problems.
Hopefully #6 will run smoothly :slightly_smiling_face:!

You could try turning off your camera. It takes a lot of the available bandwidth.

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Hi Richard, I already switched off my camera for the last two times, doesn’t change anything. Tried different rooms and two different routers in the house, one of them in our office, from where my husband runs meetings (Teams) over hours without any problems. So, no idea why this happens…but as long as I at least can hear you, I can follow the session together with the provided material.

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Just one thought, are you using the latest version of zoom? I have noticed a couple of updates recently.

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I’ve got great bandwidth, I discovered last night that my laptop refuses to download the zoom client, claims it’s not microsoft versified or some idiotic thing and haven’t been able to figure out a work around. However, I just got one of those Amazon Fire tablets and was able to download it there and tested it out, I think it may do the trick for me. Not sure how to help anyone else, though.

“I’m engineer, damn it Jim, not a computer technician!”

I was able to listen to your broadcast at least, so that worked fine.

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I know what you mean.

It’s been almost 45 years since the personal computer was invented circa 1980…and the industry still can’t produce hardware and software that works reliably for the average person.

I did software dev for decades, and I still swear at my iPad on a daily basis! :rage:


It used to be the case that Zoom was best with the app … or if on a browser Chrome.

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I come to the conclusion for now, that it might have to do with using the browser on my notebook and not the client or app. I’ll try to change that for tomorrow, or maybe use the iPad, and will see, if that helps! Thanks to everyone!

So is this only happening when Richard is sharing a screen? Is your notebook somehow connected to other display, like either via cable to monitor or wirelessly to a tv?

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Hi Adrian, can’t tell for sure, it happened during two sessions while switching and one time without, but can be by chance too.

No, nothing connected.
I think, it might be actually be a problem with using Zoom by browser, I read, that there could be issues with accessing by browser. So I’ll try a different way or device tomorrow.
Not such a big issue, I wouldn’t have opened a thread, but Richard moved my question from Vintage Club #5 to this seperate thread. I will probably find a solution, we don’t have problems with Teams, so will unlikely be a connection problem. I only asked, as others complained having the same issues during the session.

Andrea I would suggest using the Zoom app if you can, its much more stable than a browser connection. Best of luck for tomorrow’s session !

Thanks Toby, I’ll try that tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:. See you there!

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A little update: I used the Zoom client/APP yesterday on iPad and the session was running just fine, without any interruptions or video problems. I think, it wasn’t so much changing the device from notebook to iPad, but using the client instead of browser. Just wanted to give some feedback for all who tried to help with their comments and those who had the same issues.