It's a Heartache - Bonnie Tyler

That was lovely Sandy. Haven’t heard that song in a while. The F will come, just stick at it. In time you’ll wonder what the fuss was about.

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You need to break it down. Get the chords and rhythm down first. Then start real slow signing the first line, and work it from there. It takes practice and it’s worth it.

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Thanks Gordon. I do believe you.

Now there is a blast from the past. Nice playing and singing Sandy.

I too am like you. I can’t for the life of me lay that barre down first, it’s just not doable. Not that the way you were doing it detracted from the song or the change.

Not bad for 8 months. I found Bm tougher. Keep working, it will come around

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No ache at all to enjoy watching that recording, Sandy.

Well played and sung, with energy and a good vibe and feeling. I loved the smile in the instrumental and at the end. Good to see you smiling.

That F … as others have said keep working at it, and it starts off by working at stopping all the negative comments and self-talk. I saw you respond positively to @batwoman and believing @sairfinger’s encouragement. Good first steps in working at mindset.

From what I can see you are making progress with your F and it didn’t distract me. In your practice time you could work at trying to get the barre finger down faster after the other fingers, an interim move to getting the barre down first. Maybe try making an E chord with the middle, ring and pinky fingers, then slide it up and making the barre for the F chord, back and forth as quickly as you can. Also try Dm to F because there’s an anchor finger there which may help make a faster change.

You are doing well, better now that you were before, so keep acknowledging your progress, be positive.

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Very nice. I was looking at your transition from the C to Em. Did you try leaving the middle finger down and piviot the first finger to 2 fret of the 5th string? Everyone is different but that is the way i would make the transition between those chords. Then from Em to F I would move the middle finger down one string to form the F. Less hand movement, your hand stays is one position. Playing the Em with 1st and middle fingers requires more hand movement for the chord transition. Just a suggestion, no wrong or right way but might make it easier to get to the F.


You are not far off Sandy, keep at it and you’ll get there I am sure. Haven’t thrown me off at all while listening to your lovely rendition of the song, well done!

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Thanks David… my time off resulted in a change of attitude… I’m satisfied with my progress. I agree with your idea and I’ve been practicing a bit today by placing the index first and it’s coming together.

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Thanks - I’m finding the Bm easier… haha

You are so right… I tried it during break today… and voilà…so much easier. I gotta start thinking out of the box. Thanks for your input

Thanks for the kind words

looking forward to the updated video :guitar: :notes:

Lovely tribute Sandy. Sounds like so many bars I walked passed over here when the jukebox have been playing. Such a distinctive sound and style. Nicely done. :sunglasses:

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Not any time soon… I’m sick of it. Next year. I’m on to fingerstyle now.

Thanks Toby… Jukebox still around in your neck of the woods?

Wow, wow, wow.

I’ve watched a few videos of yours Sandy during the months I’ve been in the community and I have to say that despite your absence and putting down the guitar for a while, this was a top performance. Great singing, tune, strumming, guitar playing.

I think you’re being too hard on yourself with your F - sure, not perfect, but did not detract from the song one bit. It’s all easy sailing from here, and just about time - you’ve got it in a song, keep playing songs with it and eventually it will become natural. Also what Toby says about guitar setup - makes a huge difference.

Really good, you should be proud of that. We’ve all got our strengths and weaknesses.

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Thanks JK. I’m definitely starting to see the progress. I had a guitar setup last October when I bought it. Should I get a setup done once a year? Is that a good rule of thumb?

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If you’ve already set it up, then it’s done. Might benefit from a truss rod adjustment season to season if you notice the action getting too high, otherwise don’t worry about it :grinning:.

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Hey Sandy,
Nice share :smiley:
Your intro had me anticipating pauses as you find the ‘effing’ fingering, but was happy to see you following Justin’s advice of just keep on strumming steadily. I couldn’t hear the slight delay of getting the barre across. On top of that, you weren’t even looking at your fingers.
That means you have actually cracked it!
Time for celebration :tada: :partying_face:
From now on in it’s just keep playing it and try to embrace songs with it rather than avoid them.
Once you have that and the A-barre shape sorted all sorts of songs open up for you.
A couple of years ago @Rossco01 mentioned that he thinks of barre chords as any other, no more difficult. I remember wondering if I would ever get to that point and am happy to report that it is true. I probably screw up the A-minor open chord more than any other.
Well done you :sunglasses:

So much so, that I never bothered learning it :roll_eyes:
I just waited until I could play the A-shape barre and used the minor version of that.

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