It's all in the eyes


But you have a better joke at hand… :grin:

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As far as dad jokes go, that’s pretty high up the dad scale.



Unwelcome high school memory, Brian.

Hi David… @DavidP
:flushed: :flushed: :flushed:
This screams for an explanation because now my fantasy really flies in all directions with the thought that you light up on such a table with such a hose in your throat and the school doctor looking in your eyes …where the hell did you go to school :roll_eyes:

@roger_holland Simply this …

And featured in Rocky III. Some may say that was three movies too many. But maybe one can be charitable and be at peace with the first, the really kind may even accept that the sequel was necessary. But a third …

I’m OK with cheesy ‘Dad’ songs that become anthems, such as We Are The Champions, and even non-Dad songs, such as Seven Nation Army ( :thinking: twenty years since released which makes it a Dad song, just not @jkahn’s Dad :rofl:), but Eye of the Tiger … my musical memories would be all the better if I could deneuralise that one.

Rogier, just in case to save you a further query reply, ‘deneuralise’ is a reference from a Dad film Men In Black, featuring an always good Tommy Lee Jones (IMHO) and an at-his-best Will Smith.

OK enough rambling nonsense but how else should we be responding to such a post … I’m sure @brianlarsen will be chuckling away merrily, rubbing his hands in joy … mission accomplished :joy:


Hi David,
Thanks for the explanation, butttt

Aaa what a pity, the least special/weird of all my made up things in my head :laughing:

And I agree with those who say that Rocky lll is three rocky’s too many :blush:

Loved the MIB film (not films) :sunglasses:

And luckly this all in “just chatting” :sweat_smile:

And for now… :guitar:

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