Its Friday then

Evening all,

After a crazy week at work, I have finally got a chance to enjoy a small whiskey, some music and read some of the posts in the community.

How has everyone’s week been, anyone else looking forward to the weekend?


Howdy Michael,

The weeks, they are too long! The weekends too short! I haven’t had my nip of whiskey just yet, but I believe I will have a little snort after dinner this evening. Looking forward to relaxing on the couch with guitar in lap, strum a few chords with my eyes closed and just chill.

That will last for all of 30 seconds before my wife throws a pillow at me and yells “knock it off!!” :boom:


Every week! :grinning:

All good hear, missus finally got what she asked for and I bought her electric drums kit and it comes early next week! On the outside I am like yeaah fine have it give it a go, and inside I am like a little puppy getting his evening bowl as I know I will probably take it over from her :rofl:

Hope you enjoy your whiskey :clinking_glasses:


Maybe give your wife a nip or two :grinning:

Look forward to the weekend as well. Temperature will be
+7c way better than the -26 of last weekend.


That sounds great, Adrian, maybe a jam with her in the future!!

I’m very glad it’s the weekend, first week have to work after 3 weeks off so it’s been a looonnng week. More time to play guitar on the weekend :smiley: :guitar:


When the first jam session



If you can get away without the pillow then it sounds like a perfect evening! Have a really great weekend.


That sounds like a plan. One of my close friends plays the drums. Watching him play and seeing how lost in the music he becomes was part of the inspiration for me to stop saying “I’d like to play the guitar” and actually picking a guitar up. Have a great weekend.


I hope you have a great weekend. +7 sounds considerably better than -26c. That’s just crazy. The coldest I have experienced was about -17 when I lived in N.Ireland, back in 2010.


Have a great weekend with the guitar. The first week back after the holidays is always a drag.


Just a snapshot of Friday


One day my friend, would be dream coming true having a jam buddy under one roof :grinning:

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@adi_mrok time to confess, did you buy it for her or for you? I love the puppy analogy :dog2:

So if you push her off her new drum kit, what will you buy her to compensate?

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Oh I’ll just give her one of my guitars to keep her mind busy, it’s a win win (at least in my mind)! :grinning:

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:guitar: :dog2: :man_dancing:
:drum: :dog2: :dancer:
:guitar: :dog2: :dancer:
:drum: :dog2: :man_dancing:

:dog2: :dog2:


A-nim-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-l!l!l!l!l!l! (Woman!!!)


I forgot to drink my :tumbler_glass: because I was too busy playing my :guitar: on the :couch_and_lamp:! My wife was tired after a long week, so she went upstairs to :sleeping_bed: and left me to my own devices, so no pillows flying at me.

So here is a carrot for you…After ditching the day job some 12 years ago, I hardly can tell one day from another. The ‘weekend’ is just a concept and everyday is a good day for guitar! :guitar: :guitar:

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I here you brother, every day could be Friday since I jacked in the rat race but “work” that needs doing is done anytime, including Saturday or Sunday.

But I also spent all my 38 years of working life doing shiftwork (17 to 55), 24x7x366. So a weekend could be Tues to Thurs or Sun to Mon and anything in between. When we went to near 2 on 2 off, which more 13 hr 2 days 2 nights 2 off or 4 days 4 off 4 nights 4 off depending on shift overlaps any down time was seen as bliss regardless of its label. And on the :poop: days, so was a scotch n coke at 10 am after 4 consecutive shifts stacked high with mega :poop: !! Boy do I miss it, yeah like ahem Now the only :poop: I have to deal with is that from my chickens. :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:

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I’m looking forward to that day to come… but still another 10 years :sob:

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I’ve done a lot of that kind of shift work, too. Used to do rotating shifts where every 4th shift we would change from day shift to night shift. Mostly 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week, which sounds nice with 4 days off, but of course always needing to pick up as many extra shifts as possible. That turnaround from day to night every month was brutal. Bad for physical and mental health. Saw and did a lot of weird stuff in the middle of the night though!

I’m with @firstrazor - probably another 10 years to go. BUT, it’s regular 9-to-5 salaried stuff these days, so not so bad.

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It’s funny how different the passage of 10 “life years” is from the passage of 10 “work years”!

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