It's me, Chris - a Dutchman living in Germany

Welcome to the forum Chris :sunglasses:

I learned to hate math, bad instructors for the most part. But I still managed to become an engineer!

I do understand about needing to understand the why of things. I was very frustrated in many of those math classes, “just memorize this, you don’t need to know why”. It’s why I much preferred physics type classes.

Hi Chris, welcome. Good you’re enjoying all the ups and downs of learning to play guitar (and bass). Ups last until a guitar student start working on the next song, piece or skill, but if everything is part of the fun then is fun all the time. Have fun.

Thanks! I just discovered Tonelib Jam - and use the choice of thousands of tracks from CustomForge to play.
Now it’s one to two hours per day of pure PLEASURE :slight_smile:

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