It's me, Chris - a Dutchman living in Germany

So, I am actually evil, learning bass, just to relax from my stressfull job. I have an ESP LTD B-4E M NS for when I’m grown up, but love to doodle on my Blackstar Carry-on ST Bass on the sofa and while travelling…

Being here means, I just started to learn guitar too, mainly to understand chords and harmonics better - and because I really like the full sound of guitar and just shredding along my favourite tracks.

Don’t be shocked: because I love my tiny Blackstar Bass so much, I got a Blackstar Carry-on ST Guitar too, which I also can play comfortably on my beloved sofa and while travelling.
Therefore I cannot be taken seriously, I’m afraid!

Oh, and I am also an old fart (57) learning new tricks, so speak slowly and LOUD, when communicating with me ^^

Last but not least: for learning bass I am on Bassbuzz and looked for an actual “human” with a friendly and good didactic approach, so that’s why I ended up at Justin Guitar. Justin is GREAT, really!

Josh from Bassbuzz and Justin are really very different, but both are authentic, “true”, knowledgeable and just fun to watch. (my girl friend finds Justin “adorable”, so she might pick up the guitar too).


Hi Chris,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses: and a nice learning curve :smiley:

“a Dutchman living in Germany”
Wel wel Chris ,dat geeft niks ,daar ben je niet minder om alleen anders
I would live in Germany tomorrow if my wife could easily move her company :sunglasses:


Hallo Chris & Welkom!

I hope you’ll find this to be a fun, relaxed & friendly Community! Justin’s system is truly amazing, he’s is such a good teacher, follow his curriculum from Grade 1 & you will be surprised how quickly you can progress!
Good luck with the journey!


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Hey, groetjes uit Hamburg!

I would go back to Holland in a minute if it weren’t so flat and I could find a well paying job there.
But for now I have to stay in rainy Hamburg and dream of a life in the Provence/France…

But, home is where the sofa is, so that leaves me wishing for somewehere else … and playing sad (and not so sad) tunes on my weeping guitar until then ^^

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Hi ,
It’s a pity to read that you are not satisfied in your place… I would choose Germany myself, where when I step out the door I see rolling grasslands turning into forests with an old village a stone’s throw away and mountains within half an hour’s drive with my wife. me… that’s “just” all… :joy:
But apart from the view that will soon change here (they are going to build houses), it is fantastic here and I will continue to live here with a big smile. :sunglasses:
Greetings and keep playing :smiley: :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum Chris

Welcome aboard, Chris! :smiley:

Glad you’re going to add guitar to your repertoire and landed here. :slight_smile:

See the positive: When it’s (another) rainy day in Hamburg, you can stay in, sit on the sofa an play guitar! :joy: The weather up there can be annoying at times, spent a few holidays there as kid. :sweat_smile:

For now, wish you lots of fun on the guitar-journey! :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa

Welcome Chris!

Yeah, Josh is pretty fun, but could give a bit more structure to the practice routines outside of the video ones. Justin seems to hold my hand better in that regard. Maybe it gets different later in the Bassbuzz course, as I gave up on the bass for the moment. Feels physically hard in comparison to the guitar to me.

Wish you a great time on your addition of learning 2 strings more!


Hey Chris, welcome to the community, I’m taking a long time typing this very slowly for you, I hope it makes sense at this speed. Look forward to hearing more from you.


My sofa used to be near the Dutch border, but nowadays it’s in Nuremberg. I would like to invite you to take place on the sofa in this cosy corner of the forum where we elderly beginners meet :sweat_smile:
Welcome to the community Chris! :smiley:

Hey Chris, welcome to the community

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H E L L O C H R I S A N D W E L C O M E T O O U R C O M M U N I T Y. :slight_smile:

Justin is one of the greatest guys out there. Enjoy.


Chris, welcome to the community. I am 68, so I had to smile at you saying that 57 was old and I am certainly not the oldest guitarist here. You will have no trouble with learning riffs on the lowest 4 strings. Have fun adding guitar to your musical journey.

@franzek - I was just joking about being an old fart (at least I don’t feel like it), so I should not be in the “elderly beginners” forum yet, as long as I’m Rock’n Rolling hard :slight_smile:

Though I must say that I start receiving discounts for the “elderly” already - feels strange!!!

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Welcome, Chris. HA, 57 is not old fart territory, that’s reserved for those of us past 60! You may, however, be known as a semi-old fart. :upside_down_face:

My husband is learning bass, therefore it cannot be “evil” to me, as I thought my days of ever learning guitar were long past till he bought his bass last November, which then caused me to counter his "evilness by buying my first guitar a few days later! So I should probably offer thanks to the evil bass gods!

Incidentally, he started with Yousician, tried Bassbuzz and ended up going with Scott’s Bass Lessons.

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@LunaRocket - I looked at Scott’s bass lessons but he didn’t strike a chord with me!

Don’t tell anybody, but playing Rocksmith 2014 (not the plus version) helped me a great deal too.
It’s much fun and motivates me a lot, wenn doing lessons alone are too dull!

I never liked “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” by The Ramones, but yesterday evening I really enjoyed shredding it with bass first and then failing completely on guitar :slight_smile:

Other stuff - like “Zombie” by The Cranberries is much easier on both guitar and bass. I learned with Justin’s Youtube Video ( and then just powered up Rocksmith and - yaaaaaay!

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Hi Chris,

Wilkommen hier. I’m looking forward to hearing some of your music. I lived in Germany many years ago and used to frequent Holland. Loved both places, but back in the USA in California. Justin is an excellent teacher so great choice. Take it one day at a time and you’ll get there.

Hi Chris
Welcome to the community,
Hope you get stuck in , it’s a really supportive place for everyone who wants to develop as a musician so I reckon you’re going to have a blast

Welcome to the forum Chris.
Stick close to Justins lessons and enjoy the ride mate. Great community with players of all levels, ages, backgrounds etc.

I read your other post re chord construction, and see you have quite an analytical, mathematical background. Interesting little intellectual journey you’re on there.
Should hold you in good stead, as I’ve found musical structures to be very much based on logical, and elegant mathematical principles.
Of course, thats only half of music, perhaps less. The soul of music - the rhythm, the groove - what gives it life - won’t be found in any algorithm.

All the best.
Cheers, Shane

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@sclay - fun fact: I am originally a cogitive psychologist (but ended up in a more trivial world).
So mathematics is a necessary evil for me. But I like to deconstruct about EVERYTHING and reconstruct it, so I understand things better on a theoretical level.

That does not take away that music was always my #1 passion (since I got my first record player at the age of 6) and works surely more on an emotional level.

But actually, creating musik myself is different. I practice, I get frustrated, I get excited, overjoyed, I feel the tune - it’s great.
But also I want to know what the essence of all this is, nothwithstanding the intuitive part…

I should have started playing those stringy things much earlier!!!

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