It's my one year guitariversary

I haven’t bumped into the C major as a barre shape yet, tried it out just now and yeah, that’s a stretchy one for sure. I actually think I find it easier than A major shape though.

It’s got a lovely sound to it too. Maybe because all the notes in the chord are “in order”.

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Happy anniversary Brendan. After watching some of your videos during the past year I was sure you had been playing longer as your playing is really good. I was nowhere near your level after a year.

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Thanks Eddie that’s very kind of you to say.

To be fair, I have dabbled with the guitar on and off over the years, so I wasn’t starting completely from zero in May 2022. This past year has been the first time I’ve ever gotten serious about it, followed a proper program of lessons, and made a real effort to practice every day.

Prior to that I would ocassionally look up a tab and try to figure out how to play it, get frustrated and give up. Or just bang along to the prompts in Rocksmith as best I could.

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Hello Brendan, I wish you a happy first guitarversary :bouquet: :champagne: :partying_face:.
I celebrated mine just few weeks ago :blush:.

And yes, I’m also not in a hurry when it comes to making progress. Sometimes, I also just feel like relaxing with my guitar after a demanding day :innocent: .

I wish you all the best for year 2 of your guitar journey :smiley: .

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