I've got GAS 😭

Hello one and all!!
I hope you’re all doing great wherever you are!

So… I’ve got GAS. And I’m a January baby and I didn’t ask Santa for anything last Christmas…
I’m thinking then that I deserve something.

I’m also trying to justify this by arguing that I’m too lazy to retune my main guitar between standard E and Eb every time… I like heavy metal so, it has to happen.

The plan is to buy another not too expensive guitar which will be tuned to E standard and the Ibanez will be setup to Eb. Or the other way round.

At first I wanted a Les Paul style guitar and I had the Harley Benton SC 550 II in my sights but it’s not available in the black cherry flame so… Then…
I came across the Epiphone Les Paul Muse.
It looks really beautiful and versatile.

But before I pulled the trigger, I saw an Eart Explorer-1. The specs look really good. I’m sure it can do metal and much more but other than the stainless steel frets and the bolt on neck, it looks remarkably similar to my RGRT621. And this works in favour of the LP.

But I like them all… :rofl:

I’m still more inclined towards the Epiphone.

Is the Epiphone LP Muse a decent guitar?
What would you advice on this occasion?
The floor is yours… What are your honest opinions? I won’t hold you accountable so, give it your best shot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers everyone,


I’ve got an Epiphone LP Standard Pro, it’s my 1st electric guitar, actually. It’s really comfy to play. My other electric is an Epiphone Casino which I also really like. So, I can’t say anything bad about Epiphone guitars.

Try to make sure you try it before buying, though, just to get a feel of what it feels like holding it in your hands.

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Hey József!

That’s the thing, I think this time it’ll be just blind faith and if I don’t like it, I guess I’ll return it. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to visit a store :cry:

You definitely deserve a new guitar. We only live once. :slight_smile: Do you have picture of those beautiful guitars ?

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I have 2 Les Pauls that I love very much. An epiphone les paul studio and a Gibson les paul tribute. They are both great, but I tried them both at a shop before ultimately purchasing them. Les Paul style guitars tend to be very heavy compared to a lot of other guitar brands which can turn some people off.

If I were you I’d check to see if a local shop has both in stock and demo them. That way you’ll know which feel better to you.

Haha thanks!!

Eart Explorer-1

Les Paul Muse

Hi Alexis!

Yes that would be ideal. I could go to a store and try the Les Paul but the Eart is not available anywhere in London.
And I’m not too comfortable with time I have quite a few commitments lately.

I watched some youtube demos of them, and it looks like you can’t go wrong with neither of them. They have different tones and look, but they both seem great.

You both like them and both are good choices with each their pros and cons. So, maybe this year, you can try something new by buying the one that is less similar to your current RGRT621. And next year, if you still want the other one, you can still get it. Ah ah !

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Your mind reading abilities are mind bending!
I was thinking along the same lines as I’d like to have a les paul shape guitar!

There are another 2 singlecut guitars you should be aware of both are lighter that the LP, ESP LTD and PRS!
Both cost between 500 and 600 GBP

Mmm nice indeed. I had seen the ESP but not this particular PRS model.

I’ll check them both.

See, the Epiphone’s initial price was around £500 but it’s on sale now for £350. If I was comfortable spending more, I’d probably go for the PRS! I’ll see of that’s on sale somewhere :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions Darrell!

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Ok for alt tunings generally thicker strings and longer scale lengths are better. This keeps the tension higher and allows lower action whilst still allowing the detune.

Eb isnt a big deal but if your going for others it might end up making some difference.

The Les Pauls are 24.75 in scale so short, this is great for some stuff and some LP players like Slash play detuned all the time anyhow.

Best answer tho is to go give some a play

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I was going to suggest something PRS SE earlier, but thought they might be a bit out of budget compared with the other options.

I’ve got a PRS SE Tremonti (limited edition with a quilted top - I’m a sucker for nice tops on guitar!), and in terms of quality, it beats my USA made Strat. It also resonates lovely when played, but it’s noticeably heavier than my Strat and Tele.

If you like the Les Paul shape (typically called a singlecut by other manufacturers), then PRS SE Standard is worth considering, although having just checked, I see PRS have largely stopped making SE Standards. GuitarGuitar still have a couple in stock though, and Wildwire also have a few.

It’s worth mentioning the PRS SE’s generally come with brilliant gig bags, so is worth factoring into the price.

Not yet, I don’t think I’m ready for that.
A lot of the songs I like are with the guitar tuned to Eb so that’s the lowest so far for me.

That’s a beautiful guitar.
I’ve seen they have the PRS SE 245 now but even the cheapest I could find is a tad pricier than the Les Paul Muse + gig bag + strap locks. And it’s a tobacco burst finish which isn’t bad but I’m not dying for it either.

So, after I toyed (again) with the idea of a new amp… I went to some stores and tried some small valve amps…
The conclusion is that all of them can do loud pretty well and sound awesome.
However, for flat/bedroom volumes (through a 1x12" cab) there were only probably 2 that were half decent and one of them was 1k just the head… The other was more affordable.
But I thought it’s not wort it really…

And since GAS didn’t mean to go away… I got the Epiphone…
I know it’s the new toy amd I’m excited but, it came well set up straight out of the box, it looks beautiful and sounds even better!
Frets sound a tad scratchy but I can live with that for now.

Happy days! :joy: :joy:


Hi Lefteris,
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:
What a beautiful guitar with that only white with silver :star_struck: … I wish you a lot of time together :sunglasses:

Thanks Rogier!
Thanks for sharing my enthusiasm! Haha

Yes, simple and yet elegant!

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Lovely @Lefteris , looks super clean and sure she plays and sounds lovely!
Happy NGD! :+1:

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Thanks Mark!