J.W.C. Learning Log

@TheMadman_tobyjenner @DavidP - My trust level went up, which allowed me to edit the initial post, again. I guess that permission will probably disappear (again) after some time, but I’m taking advantage of it for now. :slight_smile:

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And I think the default is 30 days, but it can be changed by the Sys Admin

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Decided to publicly post some goals with the idea of helping with motivation and accountability in the upcoming year. :slight_smile:

I have several originals that have been “in the works” (or sitting idle) for some time. I want to finish at least some of those. They include:

  • Sweetheart Like You (acoustic guitars + vocal)
  • Queen of Air & Darkness (open g acoustic guitar, low whistle, some vocals, mandolin?)
  • Vanquished (acoustic guitars + vocal)
  • Groovin Down To Gruene (electric guitar, vocals, etc)
  • Measure of My Worth (acoustic guitar + vocal)
  • When I Drink Alone

I also created an arrangement of Me Anvez eur Goulmik (“I love a turtledove” - a traditional Celtic tune) for an open-tuned guitar and pennywhistle that I’d like to record.

Covers on my “I want to learn/record these” list include:

  • Big Empty
  • Wicked Game
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Like A Stone
  • Society
  • Bob Wills Is Still The King
  • Forever Autumn

Also, I want to experiment more with recording electric through my GT-1000Core multi-effects unit. So maybe some improv/lead stuff over a progression. Not necessarily songs, just practice and playing with the GT-1000Core.

I guess that’s plenty, for now…


Very nice list Jason, I see you also got a bug called Society, man that is a great song!

I would be however most interested in Like a Stone cover, one of my favs from Audioslave and I am super keen to hear how will you tackle it! :grinning:

Oooooh I’m looking forward to hearing these beauties Jason.

Yes, I agree. When I heard @MapleBrain’s version it went straight onto my list. :slight_smile:

Ha! You picked out the one with the most challenging vocal (for me, anyway). Cornell is tough to cover. I don’t even try to match his vocals, exactly, I just kind of do my own “inspired by” thing with them. I had a fairly tough time with my take on Nothing Compares 2 U, and I expect Like A Stone to be just as challenging. But I’ll give it a shot.

Well, I’m on record, now, so I’ll do my best to deliver!


Wow, that’s an impressive collection of recordings, go team Jason!

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It’s that time of year, so good for you sharing your goals. I’ve been thinking about goals for the new year as well, and I also nudged Society onto my list of songs to learn :smiley:

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Absolutely and I personally don’t expect you to copy paste Cornell vox wise, you deliver top quality recordings Jason so I am keen to see how high the bar will be set this time around!

I’m starting to catch a bug too haha! @Richard_close2u perhaps a new challenge? :wink:

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Good for you, Jason. Look forward to hearing the fruits as you go.

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Thanks, Tony. :slight_smile:

Sounds like several of us will be learning Society in near future. Cool!


I really dig your song selection. Haven’t got time to check them all out yet, but have it bookmarked. Great job on Waymore’s Blues. (Who doesn’t like a spelling song, right?!?)

Thanks, Dave. Glad you liked Waymore’s Blues. It’s a fun tune to play. :slight_smile:

Working on smooth tremolo picking on the mandolin this morning. Tougher than I expected! Found it a bit easier with a Dunlop Jazz III pick.


My usual curiosity rears its head … what is that in a nutshell, Jason. How’s about a super short, shot with the phone, video clip of you demonstrating on the mandolin?

It’s rapid picking back and forth on the same note(s) (until you change), giving a sustained sound: a “brrrrrrrr…” I think it’s the mandolin version of fiddle bowing.

I’ll see what I can do. Video is totally not my thing, but that doesn’t sound too complicated.

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A terrific collection of songs Jason. Very impressive. Looking forward to hearing all the new ones as and when.

I need to spend more time playing and a little less reading the new site. Lol…


Also I think sounds like something I’ve heard listening to SRV and watching Dan Patlansky play.

Thanks for explaining.