Society Eddie Vedder Cover - a Bmin struggle

What better option to learn an old enemy of mine - the Bmin chord. Not particularly difficult to play but to fluently change to it is for me. Always liked the song so I gave it a go. Recorded the acoustic guitar with two mics and sang “live” while playing (except the “solo” which I recorded in the end).


Recording gets better, but still not where I want it to be.

Wish you all a lovely day!



Sounding good, Eric. Well done.

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That sounded great to me. I would never know you’re struggling with fluid changes. The lead was fantastic as well.

Eric, It all sounded good to me. Steady beat and vocals that fit well. The solo was top notch too.

Well done Eric, that was great. Loved the solo!

Wow Eric another song from my catalogue, I really enjoy your taste in music :wink:

Didn’t hear any issues with chord changes, all good in this department. Quality was bang on as well. My only comment is that it sounded like it was a bit too fast? Still didn’t stop me from enjoying the song, well done!

@frito @sairfingers @ChasetheDream @adi_mrok @J.W.C thanks for the listen. I didn’t look up the bpm for the song. Just started and tried to play at a steady beat! Might have to invite my old friend the metronome one day again. Haven’t seen him in a while…

That sounded great, Eric, and I didn’t hear any chord changing issues at all. I have to confess I wasn’t familiar with the song so I went and listened to the original as well. What a great song. Your cover is somewhat faster but with having no reference point l thought your tempo was fine. Great song, great cover.

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It’s from a movie called Into the Wild. I believe Eddie got a Golden Globe for another song from this movie but really every song he did there is brilliant. Hard Sun and Guaranteed are ones I would recommend if you liked Society. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Adrian. I’ve heard the song Hard Sun, and I think I’ve seen that movie too. I bought the Society track off iTunes this morning after hearing Eric’s cover.

Well done Eric, sounded good to me - maybe a bit fast but not detracting from the performance on the whole. Your chord changes sounded fine to me, just a little tip for getting the Bmin into muscle memory, try an easy change - F# to Bmin and then when you get it easily change to other first chords - give it a few minutes a day and problem over.

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So Eddie Vedder can thank me for the commission he gets from Itunes :smile:

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Well done Eric, I also enjoy your taste in music. I’ve not tried to get the solo working for me, happy just playing and singing the song. Look forward to more from you.

Same here. I put it on my “need to learn this one” list. One of the really cool things about the AVOYP section is that I keep getting introduced to songs I’ve been missing out on. (Recently happened with Natalie Merchant’s Motherland, too. I learned and made a recording of that one because I heard it on the forums and thought it was a great song.)

This place is inspirational!


Yeah, when I go to any jam / musos gathering, I’m always grabbing song names and such, probably only 1 in 10 make it to me trying to play them, but I love hearing either new songs or interpretations of songs I’d not heard before.

I played at a camp kitchen in the Kangaroo Valley at this time last year and a younger guy came up to me and said he thought my voice suited Eddie Vedder songs. I’d never really listened to Pearl Jam that much so I went into a deep dive into a whole bunch of their songs. None of them really grabbed me, not that there weren’t some good songs, just not any that grabbed me.

Then this May, we were at the Wintermoon festival and one of the feature acts played Society. I instantly liked the song and was even more stoked when I found out it was an Eddie Vedder song. It does suit my voice although it took me a while to get to where I could play it confidently. Hoping to play it at tomorrow night’s open mic.

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Hi MB,
Nice mix, play and vox. Well done in all respects. Not much to add as there is not much to nit pick on here.

All the rock’n best,


Sounds wonderful, Eric.

Well played, sung, and recorded.

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I play Bm in quite a few songs, yet with Society I decided to keep it in Bm but play with capo at fret 2 so the shapes are Am, F, G and C. Mainly because there were so many measures with Bm.

Nice work Eric. You sound relaxed. Good dynamics to your strumming and your vocal slots into the overall sound nicely. The solo lifts the character of the piece.

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Oh, I have to check out ‘Motherland’ then. Really like N. Merchant…did u post your cover in the old forum?