Jack White Love Interruption

Had a go at this one.

Do people think I need to sing louder or anything / work on the power ?



Sounds good to me. Nice and natural :+1:

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Sounds good, Lewis.

Guitar-vocal balance is tricky, as influenced by the streaming and listening environment. I think you could bring the vocal up a few dB. Perhaps a little more gain on the mic input or maybe mic positioning (though that is hard to comment on since I know from the recordings I’ve posted, that the camera angle doesn’t convey that well).

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Hi lewis!

Loved it! Didn’t know the song but your cover sounds terrific.

I agree with @DavidP that a bit more of volume on your voice will be great. But is the mic what you have to change, not the way you sing. If you tried to sing louder probably it would affect the expressiveness.

Also liked the white and black filter for the video. very appropriated for the song.

Great job!

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Thanks. I think I just cringe a bit with my own voice but I’ll try raising the track up.

Hi Lewis,
Thanks for sharing your video. I really do like the song :grinning:.

Regarding your question, in my opinion, the overall volume of your voice could be slightly increased. And maybe try to sing the chorus a bit louder. I think, this would make the verse-chorus-change even more obvious. Just my 2 cents :hugs:.

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Don’t know the song Lewis but I enjoyed your version. I thought the vocal/guitar balance was pretty good. Well done!

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Pretty good Lewis. Every vid of yours is great playing and singing IMHO.

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Hi Lewis,
Nice one…Never heard but sounded good … vocals and guitar playing :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:
Greetings ,Rogier

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Ah love that song! :smiley:

Good job! :smiley:

For this song there is no real issue when it comes to power but there are some ways to improve pitch.

From the angle of the camera it’s hard to tell whether you are bending over or not.
I do have the feeling you’re lifting your shoulders a bit; relaxing them and letting them hang more could benefit your singing.

I will sound like a nagging singer stating once again standing up would be the best idea for a bunch of reasons :wink:

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Thanks everyone!

Hi Lewis,
I think your singing is good. Level seems pretty well balanced with your guitar. Maybe the vox could come up just a tad in spots. I don’t know how you recorded this. If in a DAW, you might want to put more compression on your vocal. If you do have some on, look at increasing it. That would clamp down on the level variation and allow you to bring up the vox more. Or you could do a hand level on the vox too. That would even it out as well, then clean it up a bit with compression.

Th real level that is out, is what you are uploading to YouTube. I found this over -20dB on YT. I really had to turn it up to hear it. That is something you do want to look at.

Overall, good stuff and keep working at some of the things above. It will make you sound better for sure!

Keep on with the rock’n and the vibe,

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Thanks , do you have much experience recording?

I read that vox and guitar should be recorded low but then I find the master track as a whole listening back is just so quiet like you say

I suppose I need to play around with compression or something to make everything louder? I suppose I could record louder but people seem to think that’s bad ?

Hi Lewis,
I have done a bit of recording and mixing in my time. I have been here at JG since about 2009 and strong into recording from that time till now. With a few breaks due to health issues.

I am doing a lot of guessing here. It sounds like you do have some sort of DAW? If so, what is it? Recording levels are an area of subjective debate. I like to record things in the -12dB to -18dB. Even more so if a mic is involved as the dynamics can swing up and down a lot. Normally I will put plugins on each track and as the signal goes through those plugins they gain dB’s… I once heard it said most plugs work best that way. Now, if we need some boost of the entire mix, I do it on the master track. Most DAWs have a level booster that come with them. If you don’t have one and do have a DAW, you might look at this free limiter:
Limiter No6
Now, it may not run on your DAW, but it does run in Reaper as it runs 32 bit plugs very well!

Now, if you want a lot of help on recording and mixing I suggest Kenny Gioia of Reaper fame. Though his videos at this site mainly deal with Reaper (DAW). There is a lot of info that could be applied to any DAW:
Reaper - All videos - Expand per lower right to see them all!

Here is one of his videos on recording levels, and you should watch this as it will answer some questions for you:
Recording levels - Where to set them and why!

All the best in your recording journy!

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Nice! I thought your vocals were good nothing to shy about! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I use Reaper. I’ve always wondered why everything is so quiet on it so this info could really help. I’ll check it out

Little late to the party, but here I go!

Big Jack White fan here, I really love this song and you made it justice. Love the reverb on the voice.

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Well played and sung Lewis.
I think your vocals are a bit soft but I really enjoyed it.

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It all sounded good to me Lewis. If you are going to take your vocals louder then you’ll need to step the guitar up a bit as well. Nice playing and singing though.

The only thing I would change is that wire in front of your guitar, it was getting on my nerves. :smiley:

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