Jack White Love is Selfish Acoustic Fingerstyle

I’ve been working on this for a solid 5 weeks and finally have it to the point of sharing it. I’ve been amazed at how much is actually going into what I initially thought would be a “simple” slightly intermediate fingerstyle song to learn. It was alot of fun to tackle getting the rhythm and timing down, figuring how how to reduce the squeak on the slides, singing while playing along to a Jack White song which is challenging meter and vocals-wise, and uncovering multiple layers of complexities and embellishments that it literally took me weeks of playing to even hear (and I continue to hear more layers the longer I play and listen to it).

I had visions of “perfecting” this before recording and posting but must humbly admit I still have a ways to go before I can actually play and perform at the level of Jack White himself or others I’ve seen post this song. I’m trying to keep to my goal of publishing at least one song per month and this is one day late for that goal so I figured it’s just time to post!


Great job Jesse. I don’t know the song but enjoyed how you played it. You certainly have the voice for that song. Keep them coming!

That was some tasty playing Jesse and nice vocals too.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, fingerstyle and singing, I think, are a whole other level and you did a fantastic job.

Sounding pretty good to me, Jesse. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Hi Jesse definitely not an easy song to play and just for 5 weeks it’s impressive how far you got! I think the more you gonna play it the more relqxed you will start to feel while playing and the more you will be able to focus on singing and keeping rhythm together :slight_smile: well done overall!

Pretty good Jesse, looks pretty hard to play and sing that one!

That was impressive Jesse. You’re coming along well… keep doing what your doing… its obviously working.