Jam Buddies Scottish Borders

Hello All…Are there any JG aficionados in the Borders area that would be interested in getting together to try some jamming? I’m near Melrose and have been playing for about 18 months. I don’t profess to be very good but I practice most days and I have Zoom lessons with Richard Coles every couple of weeks. Would be great to meet up with anyone from absolute beginner and up who is prepared to give jamming or duets a go.

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Unfortunately I’m in the same boat, jamming wise, but I’m in Stirling. Hope you get something sorted :+1:

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I’ve had good luck using Meetup.com to find jams local to me. They aren’t JH students but several are geared towards beginners.

Thanks Moose, I’ll take a look at Meetup.com :slight_smile: