Jam buddy Birmingham UK

I am looking for someone to jam with in Birmingham or nearby
I played guitar in my teens but took up playing the bass guitar as the band needed a bass player, which I have done for many years. I have transport so happy to travel
My current guitar playing level is between grade 2 & 3 but happy to play with anyone who is interested, as I know anyone personal growth on an instrument comes from playing with other musicians. So if you are interested, drop me a message & we can try hooking up, the worse that can happens it doesn’t work out but it could be the start of something good :slight_smile:

Hi Tim. I live in Scotland so I’m no use to you. :smiley:
You’ll likely get a better response if you offer more info about yourself. What stage are you at? What type of music do you like to play? Where do you want to meet etc etc?
Good luck.


Scotland might be a tad too far to meet up :wink: Although I did audition with a Stoke band (75 minute drive each way).

Hiya Tim,

I’m not far away (Halesowen) and wouldn’t mind finding someone to jam with myself if you’re still looking.

Drop me a message if interested.

What types of music do you play? I am currently influenced by the country, blues and rock I play bass on in the band I’m in, easy as I already know the songs :rofl:, but open to playing most material.