Jam buddy - Central Coast Aus or possibly online

So I am really getting into my stuff now, I was at the end of grade 1 8 years ago before I got married and stopped playing, I know I would be 8 years better, so I am angry at myself for that, however I am now at the end of grade 1 again.

I would love if there was someone at my skill level or something might be interested in being accountability/jam buddies.

There’s a group on facebook started by a guy who lives on the central coast, they have regular gatherings. It’s called Jamming’ Campers, it’s a private group so not sure if you’ll be able to see this link.

I’m from northern rivers area and have gone to their gatherings at St Albans and also one in the Hunter valey and had a great time.

Feel free to send me a private message if you want to connect on facebook so I can send you an invite to the Jammin’ Campers group.

Thanks Tony.
I just put in my application to the group, if anything doesn’t come of it i’l let you know.

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I’ll bet they have more local jams as well as the camping ones that get advertised there. Roger is the organiser, he loves to jam.