Jam buddy Netherlands Nijmegen


Is there anybody living in around Nijmegen (Netherlands). I’m searching for a jam buddy. I want to play something together acoustic or electric. I am a beginner with level course 2.

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Hoi Bram,
Welkom hier,…I wish you a lot of fun, :sunglasses:…and maybe it’s a good idea to introduce yourself in the introduction section so that the people around here know a bit more about you,…it is a “special” world that the internet :wink:,…a pity that Nijkerk is too far away,…good luck and don’t be a stranger,…

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Hi there,

Your city sounds real familiar to me. I think I traveled through there on the way from Germany to Amsterdam years ago. I was stationed in Germany years ago with US Air Force. I really wish I could visit again to have a jam session. It seems really hard to connect with others for a jam session in the USA too. Everyone is doing their own thing. Open invitation if you ever visit the beach in California. I am glad you took a moment to say hello on the forum. I suggest to record yourself playing as you progress to see the progress you make. Check out the videos of everyone in the record yourself and progress. I posted a few decent and a few that are rotten tomato worthy lol. Anyways that is how the journey goes. Goeie Dag from San Diego, CA USA


Thanks Roger. Sorry for my late reaction. I will think about to introduce myself. Soon I have a little jam with a new friend. We will see

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Hi Jeff, thank you. Nijmegen is close at the border, so that could be right. Is it possible that you worked at Weeze? I will think about it to make a record soon.

Hello Bram, how are you getting on finding guitar buddy?