Jam Buddy Question

Hi Justin Guitar friends.
I am currently working on Grade 2 module 10 and thoroughly enjoying every minute of my guitar journey. I have looked through many posts here but haven’t seen a topic that addresses the skill differences of a jam buddy. I would assume that playing with more advanced guitarists would push the beginner to learn and improve. That being said what would the beginner offer in return? Is it a pay it forward mindset or does it offer enough enjoyment just having a beginner playing a 12 bar blues progression for them to solo over? Or I am thinking too much into it?

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Beginner would offer someone to play against.

So do the basic strumming and chord progression whilst the more advanced player adds embellishments, lead, more colour etc and generally has some fun

You don’t need both players to be at the same level both players would gain and have fun

I learned heaps and still do from jamming with more experienced players. I’ll sometimes see a chord progression or bass run that I’d not thought of, that sort of thing.

When I first started playing in larger jams at our music club, I also learned heaps about jamming with others. One example, when it’s a larger jam and the protocol is that a you take turns leading a song, when you lead the song it’s YOU that sets the tempo. It can be a real head spin at first because lots of the others don’t follow your tempo. Be headstrong and keep driving the tempo when it’s you that’s leading. When it’s others, do your best to follow their tempo. That sort of thing,

I play with guys of a higher and less advanced standard all the time. It’s a circular economy. The progress for the learner is exponentially greater than playing alone. New chords, progressions and styles are all on the cards.

I find everyone too be encouraging and ultimately the group sound improves as time goes by so everyone wins.

Everyone is different and everyone has something to offer. You’ll find even with the more experienced guys, it gives them a chance to take a break for a while and let someone else fill the silence for a song or two which is welcome too.

I feel you’re definitely overthinking and under valuing your worth. Play on.

Thanks for the input. I recently retired and moved from New York City to a rural area (very rural, cable or high speed internet aren’t even available here) in Pennsylvania, I will have to inquire at a couple of music shops nearby if they know of anyone interested in jamming.