Jam guitar and multiple drums

Hi dear community,

I am looking for some tips how to jam on my guitar :guitar: together with a group of multiple people playing drums such djambe :long_drum::long_drum::long_drum::long_drum:. They call it “ethno drumming jam”. The music is very mythical there, usually pretty loud, but there are parts where they give a space for more melodic musical instruments such handpan, violin, flute or kalimba as well.

I’d like to bring a guitar and jam together, but I am not sure how I could participate, or which style I shall use.

I guess I don’t need any virtuousity, it is more about rythm, and I am also stills a beginner (consolidating Grade 2 now).

I considered either some simple chord progression, in the same key as the handpan or kalimba will play, or maybe some lick… but which direction or style?

I also found the Phrygian Major D scale, it sounds pretty “ethno”, but how to create something that would fit such establishment?

:pray: thanks in advance for any ideas!

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I’d try a slide…