Jam Major Vol 1 Backing Tracks

I just purchased Justin’s Jam Major collection of backing tracks. I’m planning to use it for improvising with the major scale. There are no PDF notes with the download. When I purchased the Jam Blues Vol 1 backing tracks I got extensive notes for each track. I find the notes very useful. Are there notes somewhere for the Jam Major backing tracks?

So, I guesss the answer is “no”. :grinning:

I like to have the chords for each track. If I play a sour note I can try to work out if it’s because it clashes with the notes in the chord.

I think there are separate “Deluxe” versions (that are more expensive) of the backing track packs that include the pdf notes.

I didn’t realise this when I bought my first one. I wish there was a way to pay the difference and “upgrade”!

Hi Toby,
I think you’re right, but the Jam Major tracks don’t appear to have a Deluxe version. Thanks for pointing that out.