Jam Tracks info

Hi there! Is Jam Tracks IV considered a beginner type set? And does it come with a chord chart?
Thank you in advance.

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I assume you’re referencing this one: ‘Jam Blues Vol. IV: Guitar’.

I’m not a 100% sure, but I don’t think it comes with chord charts. For Jam Blues Vol. I & II there are Deluxe Editions, and those come with a few extras:

  • High Bitrate Mp3 versions (for better audio quality)
  • A chord chart for each backing track, so that you can read through the changes while you play.
  • Hints and tips to give you advice on style and approach for each track.
  • A selection of chord voicings and some suggested rhythm parts that you can work on over these tracks.

So ‘Standard’ editions will probably just have the backing tracks. I own ‘Jam Major Vol. I: Guitar’ and it only has the MP3 tracks.

Looking at the track listing of Jam Blues Vol. IV: Guitar, I would think they’re suitable for beginners who know the basic 12-bar Blues progression. All the tracks are in the key of A or E, so most of the chords will be A-D-E and E-A-B respectively, plus a few variations such as chromatic run-ups and turnarounds. It’d be nice if someone could confirm this though.