Jam video from our recent club camping weekend

Here’s a video that gives you an idea of the fun we had this past weekend jamming at our music club’s music camping weekend.



That looked like good fun. Where did you go for the weekend? Is it something your club do often?

Covid did so much damage to group activities it’s great to see people so happy together sharing music.



Here’s the campground: https://www.springgullystays.com.au/

It’s a twice yearly event and we are looking at a 3rd annual event at another location.

The spring gully weekend is something my wife and I started 11 years ago after I’d been playing guitar for about a year. For the first weekend we organised about 25 people at spring gully, all musos. The next one was 35 people, the one after that 45 and then we took over the whole campground with a group booking. The campground has a limit of 75 people and we’ve often filled it.

Once I got on the committee of the club, https://www.goldcoastacoustics.com.au/, they asked if it could be a club event and my wife and I were both quite happy with that. This event the video is from is the 19th time it’s been run, it got cancelled once due to flooding from a cyclone and once due to bush fires in the area.

We also escape there with smaller groups from time to time. It’s wonderful being in a peaceful setting with no phone or broadband signal and the sound of a babbling brook.


That sounds lovely and what a great way to check out for a few days.

Looks like you guys had a great time and nice to see you have a banjo player in there. I love the banjo.


Grand stuff Tony, what an awesome looking mix of players, I’m sure it’s an event everyone looks forward to!

Too true, and yet increasingly difficult to achieve! Thank you for sharing.

She’s really talented.

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That sounds like so much fun, Tony. It’s just great to hang around with like minded folks and sharing the same passion. :smiley: Great stuff!

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My wife and I both love these sort of events. Our happy place!!!


That looks like a fantastic event. So great that you initiated it some years ago.

That’s exactly what it should be :smiley:.

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