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Actually it’s not even English. It’s Cajun!

Love this song, and god love you I appreciate the lessons.

I grew up just over the state line form Louisiana in Mississippi - and like JimmytheGreek said, a lot of the words are Cajun.

Jambalaya is kinda less stew-ish and more rice-mix-stuff. Kinda like paella, if you’re familiar there. The meat’s usually seafood (especially shrimp/crawfish), but doesn’t have to be - good spicy sausage is also totally delicious there.

Gumbo is the stew - and file (not filet) is a thickener made from the dried, ground leaves of sassafrass trees. Both the stew and the seasoning are delicious if you have access. If you can’t get that but can get okra, it’s also a totally good way to thicken up your gumbo, and you don’t need to wait around to get to Louisiana - holler and I can send you my recipe :slight_smile:

PIrogue is a flat-bottomed boat, and a bayou is (like you guessed) a slow-moving stream.

Anyhow, thanks for this one - I first picked up a guitar wanting to play all the old country classics that I can’t hear on the radio because I was born too late for 'em - really appreciate everything you’ve done to put all of this stuff out in the world. Cheers!