Jamolay checkin’ it out!

Wow, just popped in to the new community and I seem to be late to the party! That is a good sign! Glad it seems to be working well.
Thanks everyone for all the hard work.

I have been learning from Justin Guitar for almost exactly a full year now. Enjoying it immensely.

I am slowly making progress, almost at the end of grade 3, working with triads in theory and starting to explore finger style more.

I have learned a lot about guitars and set ups and every day I have to talk myself out of buying a new guitar.

I am looking forward to many more years learning to play and I appreciate the community support. It is invaluable!


@Jamolay happy to see another familiar face around! Welcome!

Welcome, Joshua.

I’d say you are right on time for this party, so get yourself a drink and start partying :man_dancing:

Hello Joshua, glad to have you here. Are you using an app or browser?

Hi Jamolay, thanks for joining us as well, see you around!


A belated Hi and Welcome
I’m just check who else has made it over the bridge.



I’m even more belated than Toby. Very glad you’re here with us Joshua.

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Hi Joshua, I read a lot of your posts and comments on the old forum which were always really positive and helpful. Nice you’ve made it across :slightly_smiling_face:

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