January songs for Jeff from CA

My apologies to Richard for the extra work. I forgot the rules of consolidating all songs for a month. Here is a summary of my attempts for January 2024:

Def Leppard


Lady Gaga

This one I took my daughter’s be baby Taylor for a test drive.

No gems here but hopefully a diamond in the rough. Thanks for your feedback.


Good on you for sharing and listing your videos, 58 subscribers can’t be wrong!

A couple of suggestions, things to try or even ignore if you are cool with your vibe:

  1. Electric guitar tone is a little on the thin and brittle side. I suggest rolling back the tone control on your guitar a bit and adding some slapback delay and/or some reverb – this will fatten up your tone and offer a more spacious tone. I can’t tell which pickup you are on with that strat clone, but I would suggest using the neck pickup.
  2. Consider adding a little more nuance to your playing by not strumming all the strings in the chord every time. Mix it up, because of duplicated notes in open and bar chords you only need to hit three strings in the chord. Worse comes to worse you may not get a full I-III-IV of the chord, but you may end up with something more like a double-stop. Adding some right hand muting would introduce a lot of dynamics to your playing as well.

Good luck! Keep at it and keep feeding those hungry subscribers! :+1:

Hi Clint,

Thanks for taking the time to give some valuable feedback and tips. I definitely appreciate it and need to work on some better sound for electric. I finally bought a decent amp that should help and trying it out now. Boss katakana is so much better than the fender I was using.

Thanks for the pep talk on how many you tube subscribers I have, honestly only know who a few of the are lol. I opened a tik tok this month too and get lots of views, just rare anyone comments . I’m a feedback person and look forward to hearing what everyone thinks even if it sucks.
Plenty to work on…,Thanks for stopping by and catch you later.