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Wild Horses- Rolling Stones

New song just Playing along with app. I was all over the place having fun. Pretending I was performing. Campfire like. I really need to have some songs in the bag, just in case. I’ve played it a couple times having fun.
Feedback always appreciated. Thanks.


Nice even strumming for the song. Thanks for sharing.


Doing well, Jason. I especially liked the strumming hand keeping moving, the foot tapping. Keep on keeping on, having fun.

Nice consistent strumming Jason. One of my favorite stones songs. Great job!

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Thanks guys. Much appreciated

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Nicely done, getting all the fundamentals down well :+1: steady strumming and keeping time really well, sounding good :v:

Well done Jason. Nice and even strumming. Sounds good!

Sounding good Jason. Steady through out and kept that arm going and the foot tapping to the end and its a long song. Even the dog didn’t put you off your stride. Making good progress sir.

Nice one Jason. Barre chords, moving around the neck, some pretty fast changes, single note picks, Great progress. I think strumming is the main thing holding you back. Nail that and your playing will be elevated a lot with how much else you have under control.

Hi Jason…as the others have already pointed out you’re consistently tapping your foot and moving your hand along, you’re building strong Foundations there, keep up the good work…you’re doing great!

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Thanks for the watch and feedback. It’s Always appreciated.


Nice job on this one Jason and I can only reflex what others have already said.

If you want to learn campfire songs, I found it more helpful to learn a song from a printed format. For me the app made you just use the app and that’s what your brain relies on. A piece of paper or a book you can learn and close or remove the piece of paper and try and remember it but reference back if you forget a chord.

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‘Nothing compares 2U ‘

What a beautiful song thought I’d try to learn it from the new lesson.
That B flat. Needs some work.


Keep working at it dude. Some parts sounded great, yep that B flat needs work.

Like JK say’s, keep at it.

Don’t forget your perfect changes and slow it down some more to help get the chord patterns in to your mind.

I’m looking forward to the finished song.