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I really wanted to learn Wonderwall for the memes. I was planning on learning Wonderwall and 4 other songs, but I realized this was overkill because now all the other songs are too easy for me. Let me just say after this video from Justin on the stuck 3&4 chords I spent a month learning it from GuitarZero2Hero on YT because he had the full tabs and a nice layout similar to the app except it breaks down each section of the song with the strum patterns, which is something I really wish Justin’s app did. It took me 6 months of learning the basics from Justin Guitar until I could get to this point. I actually took a video of me first starting which you can see here:

So anyway, here’s Wonderwall:

I actually have a lot of videos of my progress, and plan to make a video of them all compiled, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll add a link later when I do it.

Thank you @JustinGuitar, your lessons have helped me tremendously. I look forward to moving on to your intermediate classes and beyond!


Hi John and welcome to the Community.

Could not get your videos to play as it was stuttering, possibly my end.

As a new Community member, why not tell us a little about yourself here.

I’ll try and listen again later. I am not an app users so can’t make comparisons on the lessons but I have used Zero2Hero in the past and found it a good layout for song learning. Especially for songs that Justin does not have lessons on.



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John, I was able to download and play the Wonderwall video locally. Sounds pretty good to me. I don’t know the song well enough to offer any feedback in terms of accuracy of the rhythm. It sounded right, chords clean. Well done.

John this is what I see

I’m not sure how my post ended up here since I posted it on the lesson that taught me the chords I needed to learn for this song, but I uploaded it to YouTube. I actually am curious why my e string sounds so off when it’s in tune, maybe I’m going crazy.
From Beginner to Wonderwall - YouTube

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John, I expect one of the Community Moderators, most likely @Richard_close2u spotted it and moved it here. The reason being the post content was more a Learning Log entry than a specific question about the Lesson.

Glad you posted it on YT, simpler to view that way than using OneDrive.