Jazz Shell Chord Inversions?

I’m playing through some Jazz Standards trying to stick to Shell Chords as much as possible. There are a few chords I’m not sure about, and I’m hoping someone can give me some advice on how to play these as shell voicings (If it’s even possible or useful to do that?)

Ebm/Bb (5th in Bass)

Ebm6/Bb (Variation on above)

Am7/G (min w/ 7th in Bass)

A7/E (Dom w/ 5th in Bass)

C7/Bb (Dom w/ 7th in Bass)

C7/E (Dom w/ 3rd in Bass)

AMaj7/C# (3rd in Bass)

Any help appreciated

I found this article on shell voicings (it’s basically about omitting the 5th, if I understand correctly), you may find it helpful. Or do you need exact grips for the above chords?

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