Jeff - JG songs project (Brown Sugar ... added on 21 April 2023)

Aw man, that was super cool, Jeff! :metal: Your playing and tone sounded spot on! And I’m with you, always preferred the electric version. STP’s debut was huge for me when it came out, listened to it until the tape wore out then got the CD :joy: This was definitely one of my fav tracks off the album and you nailed my friend!! Awesome stuff!! :metal::sunglasses: l

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What are the setting used in the Anarchy in Uk’s cover?
I would love to achieve that beefy Jonesy’s tone. I actually use the crunch channel and the phaser for this song, but i still lack that massive tone. Of course i don’t have a Custom Les Paul lmao, but with the Katana we can really achieve something that is more than acceptable even with cheap guitars.

Sounds fantastic! Ultra precise playing, plus a tone to die for.

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Awesome stuff with Plush, i love the tones that you achieve with your covers.

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David Bowie - Space Oddity

Oh boy, it’s finally there. My first cover including vocals. This is way out of my comfort zone, but the good people of this community inspired me to take the challenge. It’s probably the most ‘honest’ take I’ve done so far, because there’s no hiding behind a big wall of distortion. :slight_smile:

Space Oddity is one of my favorite Bowie songs and I wanted to do this one for a long time. I hope he’s proud of me up there. I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

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Hey Jeff,

Very enjoyable listen mate. My first sounds this morning at 0550hrs. Smooth and fluid, with a real feel of the original classic. Great vocals to top it off.

Cheers, Shane

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Jeff unplugged. I loved it, really stripped back and the vocals were great. It just goes to show that you don’t hide behind a wall of distortion at all. Just a great guitar player.

Thanks Stefan. This means a lot to me. My singing skills are obviously limited, if any, but I’m going to do more of these minimal recordings and hopefully it’ll improve over time.

The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar

Time to release the inner Keith in me and have some fun in Open G tuning. I doubt this cover is a 100% accurate but the temptation to try all the available hammer-ons and chord voicings was too strong. :slight_smile:

I tried to keep the vibe and energy of the original recording and I’m pretty happy with the result. On the other hand I should’ve done a better job at muting the strings. I didn’t notice it that much while recording, but there’s definitely unwanted string noise here and there on the audio file. I’m not sure if it’s more apparent due to the open tuning?


This sounds great Jeff :v:

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Great sounding guitar work. I wonder if it would sound even better if you upped the gain to get a bit more distortion.

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