Jeff’s New guitar day

Found this at yard sale today paid 40.00 dollars .Got home plugged in and everything worked. Was this a good find.


Blimey Jeff that’s a result !! As The Who said “I call that a bargain”. Looks great.
Happy NGD.

Sweet guitar and a sweet deal. Christmas came early for you :grin::santa:

Yea I don’t think I got ripped off for sure but the graphics on back of the neck I am not to sure about that.

Look carefully. I think it says “Eyiyhone.”

“Eyiyhoqe.” ?

Perfectly fine Epi LP Special I. Retails right now for around $150+ US.

It says special 11

Cool. I didn’t expand the image. SPII makes it EVEN more special-er. :slight_smile:

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Great stuff. One of my fav guitars is an epi custom shop

Man that looks great cant argue on the price either!

Yea man I thought I was being punked at first but when lady sold it to me I was shocked.

Looks like $100-130 for a used one on reverb so not too far out but still a bargain!

Wow! Nice! Can’t go wrong with that! Looks sweet :slight_smile:
Congratulations and happy NGD! :smiley:

A great find there, Jeff and happy NGD. It looks real nice. Enjoy.