Jeff waters learning log

Hi everyone I have been here a while and never set up a learning log so I had some time to do this. I want to get more involved with my guitar journey so this is 1 step more into my journey. Justin’s site has helped me tremendously in the right direction to my goals. I am currently on grade 3 module 17 and I am working on multiple songs including my own song. I practice every day for at least 45 minutes. So thanks Justin for all the great help!


Hey Jeff, can make a nice motivational tool :+1:

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Welcome to the forum, Jeff. I find my learning log very helpful to track my progress.

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Nice start to the log, Jeff! I did the same recently hoping that it will be an added layer of accountability and a good place to look back and be able to track progress :+1:

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I am on grade 3 module 17 and starting triads and having a tuff time doing these triads on acoustic sliding up in 9 th frets. Justin shows baring e and b while holding down g string and sliding down and my strings don’t ring out so I use three fingers instead of barring . Any one give me some advise on this subject.