Jen & I at the Community Variety Show

We performed at the annual Royal Harbor Variety Show again this year. We performed Peaceful Easy Feeling by the Eagles, and did a tribute to Jimmy Buffet with Margaritaville. The video was taken with an iPhone by our friends. Variety Show 2024



Very enjoyable. You and Jen were really entertaining: Margaritaville was great fun.


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Thanks Brian!

Cool stuff, Mark! :slight_smile:

Jen and you are always a pleasure to listen to and fun to watch to. The folks there probably felt well entertained, at least I did. :smiley:

Great as always, you guys are just wonderful together. Perhaps a little more of the bass coming through in this recording, which is cool.

Thanks for sharing Mark.

Another enjoyable performance. It is always great to watch people playing live. Liked the costume additions for Margaritaville.

@Lisa_S Thanks Lisa, we had a very warm response to our performance.

@DavidP Thanks David, hopefully the ‘professional’ recording will have a little better sound. Last year it didn’t do very well, but this time we went through their system instead of our amps. It took several months to get the last copy though.

@skinnyt Thanks Trevor, we are notorious for relying on props for entertainment. :wink:


Thank you so much for sharing, Mark. You and Jen looked so comfortable on that stage. It’s always a pleasure to see you two perform together :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Nicole, the most awkward part was keeping our mouth close to the microphone. We are used to interacting more, but if we turned our heads at all our vocals disappeared. :thinking:

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Great job Mark and Jen :clap: :clap:

I remember the show you guys did last year. It is always a pleasure to watch the two of you perform together. You have the best use of accessories when you play :womans_hat:

Very entertaining and I’m sure the audience loved it too!

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I liked the Eagles tune. Play was solid and the harmony in the vocals was really nice. Good job.

Not sure what you have the Eagles song listed at publishing wise? Probably unlisted. Don’t set it to public as Don Henley would probably block it. He is probably the worst at doing that.

All the best!

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Awesome job guys. Glad the PA was working this time! You guys must have brought some smiles to peoples faces with that performance.

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Jen and you really have a skill to entertain :+1:. The audience must have been large, and you still appeared to be very comfortable!

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@Jenndye429 Thanks Jen, we do seem to have created an expectation of using costuming.

@LBro Thanks LB! Fortunately Don didn’t have anything to do with this particular Eagles song. Justin was able to keep the lesson on his site as well.

@jkahn Thanks JK, I’m not sure how it was recorded by the ‘professionals’, but at least the audience and our friends iPhone could hear it. It was very well received and we had many kind comments.

@franzek Thanks Franz, I think there was about 240 people in the audience, the show was sold out. Fortunately it is a very friendly crowd with reasonable expectations. The acts consist of older folks getting on stage and being goofy for the most part.


Wow, Mark, that’s impressive!

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