Jet Guitars are they good?

Great Strat type guitar. Roasted Maple Neck . Bone Nut push in tremolo for £149. I think they are and i have a lot of guitars. Bought one as soon as i could get hold of one. Amazing for the money . What do you think?

I’ve not tried one myself, but they’ve been getting some good reviews on the grapevine.



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They look decent for the price but I’ve looked on their website quite a few times and they didn’t have any stock of anything interesting.

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Seem to have good reports, and probably extremely good value for an entry level guitar. Too many budget models used to be hard to play and as a result people would give up. Thankfully the market now has excellent choice of quality build and sound, and Jet seem to be right up there.

Personally I would only be looking at these models as a first electric and not as an upgrade.

I have been to look at one of these that a neighbour has got for himself to learn, he asked me if I could give it a once over to see if all was ok.
OK it’s a bit more expensive than the Jet but bearing in mind what I encountered I would be inclined to save up the extra. From Amazon they cost £229 delivered, I was a bit wary when I was told it came off Amazon but I was very pleasantly surprised. It needed a little bit of setting up but nothing more than I’ve had from reputable shops.
It’s an excellent instrument that would last a beginner until they get to intermediate level and with a few mods beyond that. If it were mine it would get Irongear pickups and locking tuners and maybe a better 5 way switch, mid boost and that’s it.

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