JG Community App - missing return button (Adi_mrok)

Somehow an app called JG Community downloaded to my desktop so I don’t have to sit in Chrome to toggle through. One thing that is missing from there - lack of return button (unless I am missing it somewhere). So when I am in “New Community issues and questions” and I go in particular topic, once I finish looking at what David wrote for instance I can’t go back, I need to click on main JG logo to go back to main page and get back to same category again. Would be nice to include the button somewhere at the top.

I think I just discovered I can click on the bottom and I will go back to the main category, still I would put it somewhere up as it’s not an obvious place to look for return at the moment.

Adi did you have to log into the app or did it default to your login ?

I’d definitely prefer that on my desktop rather than access via Chrome, does anyone have more info on the availability of a PC app ?

When it downloaded itself all was logged in, no issues. However it suggested itself there is an option to install the app and I haven’t done anything

Bizarre ! Had a look on Play store and no Community app there, so a bit funny it turned up out of the blue like that. Maybe there’s an age filter, so just you youngsters get it ! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think it’s more of a dumb luck filter, with dumb as a key word :sweat_smile:

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