JG Jams Blues Deluxe Vol 1 Backing tracks

Just wanted to say thank you to Justin and the team for producing the backing tracks. I’ve recently bought the Deluxe Blues Vol 1 download and I love it. I didn’t realise i liked blues so much. I am having such fun. I was always frightened of improvising and never used to do it because I thought I was rubbish at it, yet I really wanted to do it. Working through JG I have got so much better and can now knock out a tune so, I decided to try the backing tracks. Wow, I’m finding them totally inspiring. There’s something about the way they are put together that just somehow helps me play stuff along to them. I can hear in my head what I want to play. It’s brilliant and proving to be a real step up for me. Ok I’m not doing anything really fancy yet and I’m mostly based around the licks from the JG lessons and listening to see what sounds good, but I am LOVING it. I go into that proper “guitar time”, you know where 2 hours feels like 2 minutes! Thanks JG and team for producing them. I’ll defo be buying more. :smiley: