JG made me feel bad

I am not too bad in clickbaits eh? :grin:

Honestly the title is true and let me explain why. Few months ago Justin asked to help with translations and because of homeworking I had plenty of time to help out and it was my perfect moment to at least in a small degree return the favour for all the amazing content and lessons Justin pulled off throughout the years.

Now I got the message that I am in Top10 contributors on translations website called Amara and I am getting a lifetime access to Practical Music Theory… I mean what!!! You’re telling me that I deserve a prize? For returning a favour? I am absolutely chuffed and honoured and yet I feel like I was finally catching up and at least in some small degree I was returning the favour and now look at me, 5 steps backwards to where I was! That’s the bit I am feeling bad about!

This post is really to thank @JustinGuitar as this gift couldn’t be any better. I did all lessons before when I had 6 months access so this is a gem being able to go back remind myself everything and learn even more as he is putting new content in so I am probably a bit behind! Love you man and to all other multilingual people - help Justin’s team if you’re able to, he is an amazing guy and deserves it! :heart: :love_you_gesture::guitar:



And well deserved too mate!
In the 17 months I’ve been here, I’ve seen how much of your time you give to others to help them along. You seem like a fine and decent bloke as well, with some serious talent on the guitar. Some advice you gave me a few months back was a game changer for me. I’m sure you’ve done the same for many others.
Well done again mate. Shows how much you’re valued in this community.

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Thanks sclay, I do my best to at least somehow pay backwards and really feel good that my advice was somehow useful to you. Glad to have you here :wink:

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Thanks for giving back Adrian. Well deserved reward

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Way to go Adi. Great contribution from you! And congrats.

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:rofl: you got me on the click-bait title, Adrian.

Tip my hat on contributing to the translation, just one more way that you give to the Community.

The reward is well deserved.

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Paying it forward keeps paying it forward Adi. Congratulations on being in the Top 10, you are a star :star2: and congratulations on your lifetime access. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Knowing you it will be a gift well used. Really happy for you.

PS you’d be a good click bait writer, this one sucked me in :thinking:

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Adrian, I’m a sucker got me hook line and sinker! Well done buddy, to be in the top 10 in such a short time is one heck of an achievement!

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:slight_smile: thanks so much for your help on Amara and helping so much in the community! Have a wonderful Xmas!!


The bigger the net the bigger the catch Adi. MMmm ok not so ethical these days but you get my drift.

Great effort and a lovely way of paying it forward.



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Nice one @adi_mrok
A lifetime sub to the theory course? You’ll soon be at 100% understanding of my dense posts too eh! ha ha :+1:


Thanks all for commenting, it really made my day yesterday to get the prize and made my day today to see all your comments here! :grin:

@Richard_close2u you’re posts are so wonderfully written down that I wouldn’t really need PMT to get a grip of it. However it doesn’t hurt to have access to content of both you and Justin :grin:

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Congratulations Adrian, well deserved! Between this and the work you’ve been doing on setting up the OMs an award of some kind was definitely in order. :trophy:

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Thanks Ivan, I think this access for me is more than enough for now :sweat_smile: I will get too spoiled if I get anything more anytime soon haha.