JG Song App - What are your favourite songs

I’ve seen a lot of posts recently regarding the missing songs due to the licensing issues and absence of band mode on some songs.

To put a positive spin on things it would be nice to know what songs on the app are your favourites to practice to as your progressing through the beginners course? What songs on the app would you recommend to others currently starting the module you’ve completed?


When I was on Module 5 I enjoyed Nelly Furtado Say it Right. It really helped me with the C chord changes and practice the old faithful strumming pattern. It wouldn’t have been a song I’d have thought of learning but hey I tried it out and found it to be a fun one to play.

Smells like teen spirit is still a classic for the Rock module and you shook me all night long is good to practice some stuck 3&4, both still there.


Mine is All the small things - Blink-182.

In the same spirit, I think that the last update introduced a feature to make our own playlist and share it with others. I don’t know if some people tried it ? I’d love to try some other people playlist.

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When I got to Grade 2 Module 9 it was The Rolling Stones You Can’t Always Get What You Want (still on app) which was so true as I couldn’t get that F Chord working the way I wanted it to :smirk:

That’s a great idea… you could paste the link it generates here with details of your level of playing and then if anyone around similar level wants to try out your playlist they can just click on the link to add.

@DavidP @Richard_close2u this is quite a good update feature. Maybe one for Justin’s social media??? Share your favourite playlists with the community???

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That’s a good idea, James! Instead of complaining about something we can not change at the moment, let’s recommend useful tracks to each other, this will lead us maybe further.
Songs that helped me a lot:

CCR - HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN (Am-F-G-C changes, different strumming patterns, full track, no midi)

COHEN- HALLELUJAH (Am-C-E-F-G, 6:8 strumming and click function very helpful for fingerstyle)

GARY MOORE- ALL YOUR LOVE (Am-Dm-Em), full track

SUZIE QUATRO - STUMBLIN’ (Am-D-Em-G) JUST FOR FUN :slightly_smiling_face:, full track, good mood song

and a lot more :cowboy_hat_face:


@alexisduprey @math07 @Helen0609

Alexis those are some tasty song for working on the rock module. In fact I might have to give them a spin when I kick of my grade 2 rock consolidation.

Mathieu that’s a great song for practising power chords and palm muting. I’ll be giving that a spin as thats something I need to work on.

Andrea those are some great songs for working on that F chord. And that Gary Moore song looks like a good one for working on that pesky Dm chord that causes a lot of people issues mastering.


Yeah, there can be a real difference between listening to songs, and playing them. I’m mainly a rock and metal fan when it comes to listening, yet there’s all sort of songs in my list which I enjoy playing. The biggest surprise is that there’s a few country songs in there… a genre I’ve never enjoyed listening to, and still don’t. Really nice to play though!

Anyway, favourite songs of the moment for playing? House of the Rising Sun, which I play finger style. Hurt by Johnny Cash, a song I can really get into emotionally. Bad Mood Rising is an old favourite because it was the first song I learnt from Justin’s song books. Don’t Look Back in Anger is a nice song with lots of changes. And To Her Door because it has a nice groove and is a lot of fun. All are full tracks in the app.

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That’s some great songs Ross.

Bad Moon Rising is an old favourite of mine and was my first AVOYP. House of the Rising Sun is a classic and great for working on that F Chord. Hurt is definitely a song that I’m going to have to add to my must learn list. And To Her Door that’s one I don’t know and will certainly be checking it out.

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My current goto song is Give me one reason by Tracy Chapman. I love the groove and it’s good practice for the C7 and D7 chords. A good power chord workout is You Really Got Me - The Kinks.

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