JG Weekly Update | 04-01-2022

Hey JG Community!

Very happy to post this first weekly update. :slight_smile: As always, a lot has been going on at JustinGuitar. We have some new exciting features for y’all this week!

  • Songbook! You can now organize songs however you want. Your list is automatically organized into Campfire, Developer, and Dreamer songs, but you can personalize your list however you like! Just go to your Dashboard, select Songbook, and have fun! Make sure you’re logged in, ok? :slight_smile:

  • Auto-Scrolling feature for JustinGuitarTABS! You can now see lyrics/chords scrolling on the screen hand-free, very useful to play along with. :slight_smile: If you’ve never tried Tabs before, you have a 7-day free trial waiting for you!

  • Hey, How You Doing? Our new collection is out! Shop the new merch here.

And stay tuned - our beloved Nitsuj is back next week for a special visit! Keep an eye out for that!

Have some feedback to share? Email me at hello@justinguitar. If you missed J’s latest newsletter, click here to read it! :slight_smile:


Fanny :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update Fanny and great to have the info posted direct to the Community, as I am sure some of the folks here don’t get the Newsletter. Will have a play with these new toys once the Open Mic is done and dusted,

Have a great weekend.




This part seems like a really cool improvement : We’re also bringing loads of new songs into my Lessons & Songs App and making the discoverability of the songs easier! Hopefully, we’ll release these improvements during Spring!

I agree that it is sometimes hard to find songs to play in the app. Simple improvements like keeping track of the songs that we have already played versus new ones could improve the discoverability :slight_smile:

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This is very nice the newsletter here…I didn’t even receive it at the mailbox ‘unwanted’ anymore…very quickly arranged right @DavidP :wink:


Maybe worth adding that Justin’s looking for 100 beta testers for his new interval ear training app.

IOS only though. Why no android?

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Magical innovation, Fanny

Thank you

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Yay thanks David! :raised_hands:

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