JG Weekly Update | 05-13-2022

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:

Hope this message finds you well.

Not a lot to report this week! Justin’s still recovering from his broken little finger, but he was able to get some Grade 3 lessons recorded, and we’ll start releasing them next week! The lesson coming Monday is about how to enhance our connection to music… and it’s gonna be interesting for all levels!

The dev team is wrapping up a few open projects, and we’ll soon be… ad-free! Yes, we’ll no longer display Google ads on JustinGuitar.com. Instead, we’ll use that space to spread some positivity and guitar news. More on that very soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

And that’s about it… To wrap it up, here’s our weekly meme some of you might find relatable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dory Guitar

Please do reach out if you have any questions or feedback. Wishing you all a happy and sunny weekend wherever you are. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fanny & Team


Hi Fanny & Team
Over the 5 months that the new Forum/Community platform has been operational a number of issues/suggestions have been raised/made regarding the functionality of the user interface. Would it be possible to put out an update on these issues?
ie . Resolved,
or Still being worked on,
or Not possible to resolve.

I appreciate that you and the team will spend your time working on the website/lessons/apps etc. as of course that’s where Justin’s income comes from.
It would however be interesting to know if any of our views on the Community platform result in any changes.

Thanks for the update Excited for more grade 3!

Thanks for the update, Fanny. Had a chuckle over the meme and as they say ‘laughter is the best medicine’

Gordon, as newly minted member of the JustinGuitar team, I can confirm that the feedback provided is received, given attention, and does lead to action … sometimes immediate and other times to put work items of the technical teams backlog. There is also engagement with Musopia when feedback relates to the App.

That said, I think your suggestion, to provide a more structured feedback on the Community platform issue list is both good and reasonable. Currently there is a category with all the Topics related to issues. Thinking aloud, perhaps a pinned summary Topic with a list of the issues and current status would be useful. That said, I know everybody appreciates that the running of the Community from a Mod perspective is a voluntary activity and managing time effectively can be challenging.

@LievenDV @Richard_close2u hope you are not having an adverse reaction as you read that. I think something for us to chat about in our next meeting with @larynejg and perhaps we can figure out something practical and appropriate in response to Gordon’s feedback.


@sairfingers - you raise a valid point in terms of direct feedback for issues community based only.
I know that @LievenDV has spent many hours prioritising and working on various issues that were raised from the very first when the forum migrated to the new community.
And Lieven has been tagging those many topics with status updates.
Go here and check the drop-down tag menu:

Here is a random selection of topic titles and their tagged status showing:

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Thanks for that Richard, I wasn’t tuned into the use of the tags.

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Sympathise with Justin having both busted finger in the past and a bjj practitioner and understanding it can be brutal on the digits.

Hi Sair (and everybody else)

The brief:
So the update you ask today is simple:
The devs aren’t working on it yet, as I understood the earliest would be Q3.
There is also a UX aspect to it.
(I reminded Laryne not to drop it from Q3 accidentally just before the past weekend ;))

The context:

Thanks @Richard_close2u for pointing this out; and @DavidP to be quick in managing expectations.

A lot of it is there in the “questions and issues” board, ready to be addressed, sorted by topic and prio. It might use a refresh and review on my side though.

I make sure that “mission critical” incidents get handled with the correct prio though. For the community, that would be total failure of the board for example.
I’m always having the most impactful requests in mybackpocket though, ready to put them om the table; Yet Dark theme usability, mobile UX teamplate, “thread poster avatar first”,…
I haven’t forgotten about your odd “reply” issue either. (where you still are the only reporting this at this point).




Hi @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team

Not sure if this has been suggested here or elsewhere but it may be an idea for @JustinGuitar to record a short set of diary entries on his broken finger treatment recovery and physio etc… I would suggest recording them and only compile and publish after recovery. He can then talk about the process/ the different stages / the ups and downs etc Many of us will experience various hand injuries which may affect our playing. Imaging having a resource available to read and gain inspiration from when you have a similar problem and you are unsure about whether your recovery will be good enough and how long etc. I broke my right thumb 4 years ago and did go through phases of thinking it’ll never be the same again. (It is). But for a whole year it was reasonably functional but way fatter than the other one (it’s got slimmer now lol)

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Hey Community! :slight_smile:

Hey, @sairfingers and everyone else. Thanks for raising that question; that is a very valid point, and we’ll act on it!

As some of you know, we’ve recently had some changes in our dev team, and the transition has slowed things down a bit. But we’re getting back up to speed! As Richard mentioned, Lieven did an awesome job organizing our Community backlog, and we plan to act on it in early Q3. We’ll keep you posted on it!

Right now, we’re working on two community tickets:

  • the main banner, with great pictures from you!
  • creating threads for new lessons; a bug that has been with us since February! :frowning:

By doing that, our developer team is getting used to the Discourse/website integration backend and getting ready to further tasks.

We’ll make sure to include updates about anything related to the dev team here, and please know that we appreciate and consider any feedback, particularly from our Community members.

Thank you,